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  1. Apr 2021
    1. Mecca. In this city, one finds the arch of Mohamed, the prophet of the Saracens who make a pilgrimage here from all regions.

      We read a bit about Mecca in the background of Mansa Musa. He was well known for his pilgrimage to Mecca due to the world becoming aware of his great wealth. Mecca is seen as the holiest city of Islam as it was the birthplace of Muhammad, the Islamic Prophet. As the highlighted section stated, people would make a pilgrimage from all over in order to worship Allah and still do so today.

    1. This black Lord is called Musse Melly and is the sovereign of the land of the negroes of Gineva [Ghana]. This king is the richest and noblest of all these lands due to the abundance of gold that is extracted from his lands.

      In this section, the atlas is referring to the Malian King, Mansa Musa. I was not aware that he was also called Musse Melly, but was able to infer due to the familiar image of him as well as the description of his wealth. As we know, Mansa Musa is still believed to be the richest human in world history. We also learned that Mansa Musa used his wealth to benefit his country, though this was not mentioned in this section.