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  1. May 2017
    1. East Indies

      "India and the adjacent regions of South-East Asia. In later use usually: the islands of South-East Asia, esp. the Malay Archipelago" (OED).

    2. palanquins

      "A covered conveyance, usually for one person, consisting of a large box carried on two horizontal poles by four or six (rarely two) bearers, used esp. in South, South-East, and East Asia" (OED).

    3. saucy

      "Of persons, their dispositions, actions, or language: Insolent towards superiors; presumptuous. Now chiefly colloq. with milder sense, applied to children and servants: Impertinent, rude, ‘cheeky’" (OED).

    4. scanty

      "Existing or present in small or insufficient quantity; not abundant" (OED).

    5. rapturous

      "Of a thing: characterized by or expressive of rapture" (OED). To be really delighted.

    6. approbation

      "The action of expressing oneself pleased or satisfied with anything; or the mere feeling of such satisfaction; approval expressed or entertained" (OED).

    7. vivacity

      "The state or condition of being vivacious" (OED). To be animated, lively.

  2. Apr 2017
    1. ardour

      "Heat of passion or desire, vehemence, ardent desire; warmth of emotion, zeal, fervour, eagerness, enthusiasm. Const. for. (The earliest sense in English: formerly used of evil passions, but now only of generous or noble impulses)" (OED).

    2. nabobs

      "In extended use: a wealthy, influential, or powerful landowner or other person, esp. one with an extravagantly luxurious lifestyle; spec. (now hist.) a British person who acquired a large fortune in India during the period of British rule. Also: any wealthy or high-ranking foreigner (rare)" (OED).

    3. ascertained

      "Determined, fixed" (OED).