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  1. Dec 2017
    1. interpet

      correct spelling to interpret

    2. their

      Correct to there

    3. necessarilly

      Correct spelling to necessarily

    4. most clear

      sounds better to write "clearest"

    5. effet

      correct spelling to effect

    6. occured

      correct spelling occurred

    7. statisically

      Correct spelling statistically

    8. That is, the levels of each independent variable are each manipulated across the levels of the other indpendent variable

      Correct spelling of independent

  2. Oct 2017
    1. For example, you can download a plug-in for your web-browser that let’s your seamlessly move content that you find on the web into Zotero.

      "let's" should be switched to "lets".

    1. For this reason, the evidence provided by scientific research may be viewed as a threat to a persons system of beliefs about the world.

      "persons" should be changed to "person's"

    2. For the moment I’ll put on my scientific thinking hat because there numerous ways that I can provide evidence for my claim the people believe all sorts of crazy things.

      Change "there" to "there are".

    1. An university instructor measures the time it takes her students to finish an exam by looking through the stack of exams at the end.

      Correction "An university instructor" should be switched to "A University instructor".

    1. Although the graph and the tabe show some clear differences in the means, we still want to find out the probability that this kind of finding occurs by chance alone.

      Incorrect spelling of "table".

    2. Two common kinds of multi-level designs involve either quantitative or qualititative manipulations of the independent variable.

      Incorrect spelling of qualitative.

    3. If this was real data, then we wouldn’t know if the two sample means came from the the same distribution or different distributions.

      Repeated the word "the".

    4. The t-test is a statitiscal method for analyzing the data in two conditions to determine the likelihood that any observed difference could have been produced by chance.

      Incorrect spelling of statistical.

    5. Well, we can say that chance has an infintesimally small probability of producing this sample mean.

      Incorrect spelling of infinitesimally.

    6. What happens we we do this?

      Repeated word "we". First "we" should be changed to "when".

    7. And, random sampling from the wide disribution will usually give us numbers around 54, plus or minus 20-40ish.

      Correction "disribution" is the incorrect spelling. Change to "distribution".

    8. As a general rule, studies are higher in external validity when the participants and the situation studied are similar to those that the researchers want to generalize to and participants encounter everyday, often described as mundane realism.

      Correction "everyday" should be changed to "every day". "Everyday" is only used when it's an adjective.

    9. But how? Some clues come from data gathered at the end of the study, which showed that students who expected their rats to learn quickly felt more positively about their animals and reported behaving toward them in a more friendly manner (e.g., handling them more).

      Correction "more friendly" could be better phrased as "friendlier"

    10. If you can guarantee that the the only change was switch 1 going up and down, then you can be confident of the inference that switch 1 caused light 1 to turn on and off.

      Repeated "the" should be deleted.

    11. But, how confident our we that our manipulation of the light switch was the only variable changing in our experiment?

      Correction first "our" should be changed to "are".