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    1. Persuade

      Here it is with a "u."

      I'm beginning to think the contemporary insistence (can I say "fanaticism?") with spelling is just that: contemporary.

      Perhaps another gift from Strunk and White.

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    1. interpet

      correct spelling to interpret

    2. necessarilly

      Correct spelling to necessarily

    3. effet

      correct spelling to effect

    4. occured

      correct spelling occurred

    5. statisically

      Correct spelling statistically

    6. That is, the levels of each independent variable are each manipulated across the levels of the other indpendent variable

      Correct spelling of independent

  17. Oct 2017
    1. Although the graph and the tabe show some clear differences in the means, we still want to find out the probability that this kind of finding occurs by chance alone.

      Incorrect spelling of "table".

    2. Two common kinds of multi-level designs involve either quantitative or qualititative manipulations of the independent variable.

      Incorrect spelling of qualitative.

    3. The t-test is a statitiscal method for analyzing the data in two conditions to determine the likelihood that any observed difference could have been produced by chance.

      Incorrect spelling of statistical.

    4. Well, we can say that chance has an infintesimally small probability of producing this sample mean.

      Incorrect spelling of infinitesimally.

    5. And, random sampling from the wide disribution will usually give us numbers around 54, plus or minus 20-40ish.

      Correction "disribution" is the incorrect spelling. Change to "distribution".

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    1. после наступления указанной

      после наступления ДАТЫ, указанной...

    2. отрицательно.


    3. IPO где


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    1. environment

      environments, or an environment. Given further use later, I prefer: an annotation ecosystem

    2. e-books

      e-book or ebook ? [internal note: multiple targets please to link to other occurences!]