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  1. Jan 2022
    1. allow


    2. Precidion


    3. one from within the application itself, such as the Command Editor in Final Cut Pro

      this is different from a "help", right? More of a preference, in terms of shortcuts.

    4. The Command Editor in Final Cut Pro. Notice the search field in the upper, right-hand corner, the one with a magnifying glass, where you can type in a query for the editing operation you’re looking for. It also displays a full keyboard with all the various keyboard combinations, and is color cued as well, grouping similar types of moves. Three columns on the bottom, divide the information into the color-cued editing commands, actual editing commands with their keyboard shortcuts, and use of the special Macintosh modifier keys (Shift, Control, Option and Command). In Final Cut Pro’s case, in the upper left-hand corner, it also allows you to switch between the ‘Default, application’ system, to one of your own devising.

      remove bold

    5. rendering

      I think you have to explain rendering within the text itself.

    6. and is


    7. add comma

    8. timesaving

      add space

    9. see-saw effect between the two clips

      see-saw effect IS ONLY between... suggested for clarity

    10. yellow

      remove (since you state this next)

    11. fine tuned


    12. throw

      how about "leave away" so as not to encourage students to delete shots?

    13. tweeking


    1. The first, really fun part of editing is the rough assembly, where, after you’ve finished the more tedious process of viewing and organizing your source clips, you can abandon yourself into throwing those clips into your story timeline, helter skelter, in all kinds of ways, moving them around using the software’s navigational rules, and just playing, to see how they look, sound and feel together, for the most impactful way to tell your story.


    2. And, just like learning to play the violin, the music will come after you know your way around the ‘violin bow and fingerboard.’

      wonderful analogy!

    3. tweeked


    4. fields


    5. or not

      Or lack thereof?

    6. even


    1. Intra frame

      Capitalize and spell together for consistency

    2. to12

      add space

    3. This works by eliminating and re-using information from neighboring frames, when there is no change from frame to frame, and thus is able to save a great deal of storage space and record very efficiently.

      good explanation

    4. fewpercentage

      add space

    5. theappropriate

      add space

    6. itsmaller,

      add space

    7. optimizing for the edit.

      maybe put in bold as terminology

    8. ‘Transcoding

      lower case and either use quotation marks on the full word for none at all

    9. ,


    10. clearpicture

      add space

    11. yet

      replace with "still"

    12. .

      add space

    13. size


    14. Inthe

      add space

    15. the edit resource files

      please clarify

    16. and

      remove bold

    17. andsound

      add space

    1. Platforms Editing Applications: FCP, Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, Motion, Compressor, Audition, etc. Bandwidth Frame Rates/sizes

      are these notes from the outline still to be addresssed?

    2. choicefor

      add space

    3. So how do you decide how much storage/speed you need?

      this "might" be an interesting link to include here: https://www.digitalrebellion.com/webapps/videocalc

    4. older USB2 drives

      I suggest you add the bandwidth of usb2.0 (approx. 57 MB/s)

    5. tothe

      add space

    6. **[? should I go into detail about the different levels of RAIDs as in directly below, or go with the more general explanation in the next paragraph?]**

      I suggest the general approach in the following paragraph

    7. smaller disks

      replace with hard drives or similar

    8. smaller graphics cards can't cope

      The main purpose of RAID is to increase the data bandwidth for processing in general. I would remove the reference to graphic cards here.

    9. So you must always plan to have enough storage real estate to accommodate the size of your editing project

      I think you should combine this important statement with the one at the end of this section: "Since hard drives slow down as they fill up, you should also be adding a minimum of 20% to the amount of storage needed." to raise awareness of the need for extra storage for render, etc. files.

    10. New terminology Camera Archives

      Do you want to add learning objectives to the top here?

    11. ll


    12. much

      I would remove "much". They are at most 2x as expensive.

    13. if


    1. The convention or style should give you all that info in its name or title.

      How about an example here?

    2. thatthe

      add space

    3. knows just how to make a film look good, using the language and grammar of the film elements that speak to the viewer and evoke emotional responses and reactions.

      great sentence!

    4. badeditor

      add space

    5. Use DLT (Digital Linear Tape) and rewind the tape - don't leave it in the middle somewhere, to be exposed to dust, dampness, smoke, etc.

      I'd recommend looking into "LTO" tape vs. DLT.... Richard Lackey quotes: Archive The best solution for long term archival of data are LTO tapes. With an expected lifetime of over 20 years LTO will outlast and outperform any hard drive or solid state storage technology. I discuss LTO in more detail in the disaster recovery section.


    6. becomeobsolete

      add space

    7. orportfolio


    8.  two copies

      two backup copies

    9. ,


    10. more expense

      more expensive? more expenses?

    11. NVIDIA, AMD Radion, BlackMagic Design and Lenovo

      I suggest proposing only the names " Nvidia" and "AMD" as companies that make graphic cards. Possibly add "Intel".

      I would suggest to remove "Radion" (I believe you are referencing the "Radeon" line of cards by AMD.

      Also BlackMagic Design does not produce, I believe, graphic cards.

      Lenovo seems to but I would also remove as I have never heard of these used in video editing.

    12. s

      delete "s"

    13. theirentire


    14. They

      I would suggest stating.... Editor usually start as ASSISTANT EDITORS..... (for clarity)

    15. mojo

      maybe with quotes, "mojo" or something more common like 'experience'

    16. audio footage

      Maybe use video and audio "recordings" ? audio footage doesn't sound right to me.

    17. (Illustr of tribal storytellers)

      Great idea. Looking forward to this image. I did a (not so) quick search and found this CC image - if of interest: https://www.flickr.com/photos/33542052@N07/5968998150

    18. - your choice of editing software

      suggested: ...or your choice of editing software. The various software....

    19. how

      delete? (optional)

    20. notthe

      not the

    21. Create separate sentences vs using hyphenation

    22. Remove or create a #4