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  1. Jan 2019
    1. Circulation


      increasing blood pressure difference could increase volume difference and thereby the amound of CSF exchanged during pulsation.


      The bigger the volume difference the more CSF flows through and the deeper it reaches, leading to improvent functioning, namingly waste output>disposal and energy input>supply.

  2. Nov 2018
    1. Have you ever thought about applying those ideas to your life? You should.

      What general priciples could you learn from that book?

  3. Oct 2018
    1. If you have a cortical column that has a chunk of human or rodent cortex, you’re going to be able to accomplish more computations faster with the human architecture versus the rodent architecture
    2. because of these differences, which allow more regions of a dendrite to influence the strength of an incoming signal, individual neurons can perform more complex computations on the information.
    3. human and rat dendrites have the same number of ion channels, which regulate the current flow, but these channels occur at a lower density in human dendrites as a result of the dendrite elongation.
    4. so a signal that arrives far from the cell body has less of an impact than one that arrives near the cell body.
    5. because human dendrites cover longer distances, a signal flowing along a human dendrite from layer 1 to the cell body in layer 5 is much weaker when it arrives than a signal flowing along a rat dendrite from layer 1 to layer 5.
    6. human dendrites have different electrical properties from those of other species. Their studies reveal that electrical signals weaken more as they flow along human dendrites, resulting in a higher degree of electrical compartmentalization, meaning that small sections of dendrites can behave independently from the rest of the neuron.
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    1. Information Consolidation: A New Paradigm in Knowledge Search (DIP project)


      pro:aims at solving central steps: from deconstrructing heterogenous sources in atomic statements and relating those in a big picture.

      con:seems not thought through and a relic of the past at the same time

  5. Apr 2016