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  1. Aug 2020
  2. Jul 2020
    1. when these events happened.

      Ok. Be careful because this is an exception

    2. past events that have a connexion with the present;

      A ver. This is super important for the exam!!!!

  3. Nov 2019
    1. In addition to the finding that some probiotics did significantly reduce the incidence of side-effects, much to researchers’ surprise, some probiotics were also effective in increasing the eradication rate of H. pylori. McFarland et al. included 25 RCTs in their meta-analysis using six different types of single strain probiotics and found only one sub-group (S. boulardii CNCM I-745) significantly improved H. pylori eradication rates (RR = 1.11, 95% C.I. 1.07–1.16, p<0.05), while five other sub-groups of the same strain had no significant effect

      This is the key

  4. Mar 2019
    1. highlighted


    2. The shift to a digital, knowledge-based economy means that a vibrant workforce is more important than ever: research suggests that a very significant percentage of market capitalization in public companies is based on intangible assets—skilled employees, exceptional leaders, and knowledge.1

      The more money you invest in L&D, the more money the company will generate.

    3. An increasingly competitive business landscape, rising complexity, and the digital revolution are reshaping the mix of employees.

      Nowadays the competition is increasing in the companies because the employees' abilities are diverse and there is a digital revolution.

    4. L&D

      learning-and-development (L&D)

  5. Jan 2019
  6. Jan 2018
    1. all the world the people change people

      what do you want to say?

    2. one

      a few people OR one person

    3. until


    4. is

      You are talking about the future, so the verb must be in future form

    5. López Erick

      Did you use Google translator?

    6. Un ejemplo


    7. yo
    8. whit

      Please correct all the other whit with the correct word

    9. robots is

      robots (plural) - is (singular)

    10. destruyer

      use as a verb form, not as a noun

    11. gonig
    12. González Iliana

      Nicely done. Ask me for a card

    13. if

      not necessary

    14. For


    15. passage


    16. other


    17. can not

      cannot DO

    18. jobs that

      fewer jobs AND that

    19. to try at least preserve

      to try at least TO preserve

    20. already very finished

      about to get extinct

    21. Mezala Stephanye

      Hi Stephanye, I liked your concepts and opinions. Just pay a ttention to the spelling. Ask me for a Participation Card

    22. mistrearing
    23. shouls


    24. pone
    25. transit


    26. because we exhaust
    27. richer

      Richer is for money or value

    28. human has
    29. , people will become aggressive, unhappy because they will be finishing the food,

      This could be a separate sentence. Also, instead of "they will be finishing the food" => we will run out of food. Find out the meaning of RUN OUT OF

    30. olograms
    31. But the plants are naturel and do not become more artificiel

      I don't understand what do you mean by this statement. Please clarify !

    32. have to begin

      Other possibility: make an effort to learn instead of just to pass the exams

    33. ti
    34. yo
    35. yo
    36. arrived.

      arrived to.

    37. meybe
    38. ´s

      things is plural

    39. The pronoun "I", should always be CAPITALIZED

    40. tan
    41. more lazy

      lazy has 2 syllables and endsd in -y: What is the rule?

    42. to
    43. book
    44. n m
    45. responsability
    46. foult.
    47. won´t be

      THERE won't be

    48. best

      the best

    49. start


  7. Dec 2017
    1. TheNagHammadiLibraryBIBLIOTHÈQUEDENAGHAMMADIIntroductionfrom «TheGnosticGospels»by Elaine Pagels

      archons and how to escape this reincarnation loopo

  8. Feb 2017
    1. “May the evening sooth and welcome you oh travellers from Upper Egypt“. Then another voice was heard saying; “You will travel no further because you are come. Here you are at the beginning of time“.

      Song : Ynys Ellen Artist: Banco de Gaia Album: Farewell Ferengistan

      "Such a genius Toby Marks is"

    1. In her rage, Tiamat started war and turned herself into a massive sea dragon to avenge her husband’s murderers. She summoned the forces of chaos and called forth 11 demon/monsters to destroy her children. She also called forth other dark creatures as well as the first dragons, whose bodies she filled with “poison instead of blood.” (This is the first dragon story on record).
  9. Jan 2017