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  1. Jan 2014
    1. The Working Group may decide to set up specific task forces to organize its work, to reflect the different sensibilities and experiences of its members as well as the complementary nature of the tasks.

      Suggest: The Working Group will initially be divided into two Task Forces to organize the work, with a Data Task Force focusing on the model (#1), and a Client Task Force focusing on requirements for a Client-side API (#5). As work progresses and the overlaps between the Task Forces become greater, the structure and priorities are likely to change.

    2. ebook

      (new) second target for e-book comment

    3. The Robust Link Anchoring may define an algorithm that can be expressed as components of a URL or as a set of parameters on a hyperlink element, and may have CSS property considerations for styling the selection through a pseudo-element.

      I see the "may" but not sure that the features are algorithmic? My understanding of 4 is that there will be a defined processing model for how to use the information conveyed in an annotation to select the region of interest. The input to that processing model may come from (...) but the /algorithm/ isn't expressed as those things?

    4. Serializations (#6).

      I'm not sure how 3 and 6 can be split apart. If the API says "we return JSON-LD" and the serialization side says "we don't use JSON-LD, just this homegrown solution" ... then there's a huge mismatch. Yes this is overblown, but I'm dubious about that particular split.

    5. An algorithm

      Interesting. The algorithm should be worked on early, as it will need to inform any required changes to the data model (eg, new selectors)

    6. access annotations through HTTP

      ... to create, access and manage annotations ... Otherwise it's just HTTP GET.

    7. environment

      environments, or an environment. Given further use later, I prefer: an annotation ecosystem

    8. e-books

      e-book or ebook ? [internal note: multiple targets please to link to other occurences!]