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  1. Apr 2018
    1. isten to Marie’s complain

      That is fantastic you found the audio recording!

    1. Other Recent Challenges

      I like how you went ahead and limited the scope of challenges. I'm sure there were plenty beforehand, but keeping it within the time frame likely helped with your sanity.

    1. Interview with Dr. Richards

      Interesting idea to incorporate the interview content in three ways. Those who want to use it as an article can do so, and those who want the original source can still access it.

  2. burn.coplacdigital.org burn.coplacdigital.org
    1. http://www.encyclopediaofalabama.org/article/h-1126 https://www.biography.com/people/harper-lee-9377021

      Easy to find citation. While I like the simple style, maybe go ahead and do a full citation?

    2. February 2016, Lee passed away at age 89

      I do not recall this being mentioned in the timeline, perhaps would be a beneficial addition?

    1. Pages

      I like that I have a choice as to whether to use the front or side tab to navigate

    2. Karina and Sophia

      Nice bios. Pictures are nice addition.

    1. To Save A Mockingbird

      Witty eye-catching title

    2. To Save A Mockingbird

      I like the front page being an overview of what has happened both as far as the author and the challenge.