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    1. the left side of the brain

      The specialization in the left hemisphere also has a lot to do with trends towards the dominant eye. In research done by Dr. David Carey, he noted that, " these asymmetries have been linked to the specialization of the left hemisphere of the brain" (Carey, D. P. 2001). The dominant eye, as most other dominant body parts, trends towards the right.

    2. where images tend to be focused

      When we focus on an image, we track it in our line of sight. Recent research done on how we see images shows"A retinal image depends not only on vertical and horizontal, but also on the torsional direction of the eye orientation"(Poljac, E., Lankheet, M. J. M., & van, d. B. 2005). In order to account for the torsion, our visual system compensates by up to +/- 9 degrees.

    3. The fovea contains densely packed specialized photoreceptor cells

      During research conducted by Vijay Gorantla, on potential eye transplants, one of the many challenges he faced was the sheer number of cells in the retina. He saw that, "more than a million retinal ganglion cells form a single layer in the retina of the human eye"(Couzin-Frankel, J. 2015). All these cells are very densely packed, as millions of them must fit in a single layer.

    1. Multicultural counseling and therapy aims to offer both a helping role and process that uses modalities and defines goals consistent with the life experiences and cultural values of clients. It strives to recognize client identities to include individual, group, and universal dimensions, advocate the use of universal and culture-specific strategies and roles in the healing process, and balancs the importance of individualism and collectivism in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of client and client systems (Sue, 2001).

      While clinicians know that they need to be more socio-culturally attuned in their practice, not all of them realize exactly how to achieve this. In order to be socio-culturally attuned, the clinician must follow these steps. "Attune to Context and Power, Value What is Minimized, Intervene in Power Dynamics, Envision Just Alternatives, and Transform to Make the Imagined a Reality." (McDowell, T., Knudson-Martin, C., & Bermudez, J. M.)

    2. As our society becomes increasingly multiethnic and multiracial, mental health professionals must develop cultural competence ([link]), which means they must understand and address issues of race, culture, and ethnicity. They must also develop strategies to effectively address the needs of various populations for which Eurocentric therapies have limited application (Sue, 2004). For example, a counselor whose treatment focuses on individual decision making may be ineffective at helping a Chinese client with a collectivist approach to problem solving (Sue, 2004).

      Minorities, and in particular the Latino community, seek therapy less often than Caucasians in the United States, and there are a few reasons for this, including fear of legal issues, a stigma around the concept of psychotherapy, and importantly, a fear of their struggles being miscommunication. A 2012 study of the Latino American population in the Midwest helped to affirm that there are a couple things that can be done to improve this. One is to have more bilingual therapists, which would help lessen fears of miscommunication. The other is to educate people about mental health problems in order to lessen the stigma surrounding them. (Rastogi, M., Massey-Hastings, N., & Wieling, E. 2012)

    3. This therapeutic perspective integrates the impact of cultural and social norms, starting at the beginning of treatment. Therapists who use this perspective work with clients to obtain and integrate information about their cultural patterns into a unique treatment approach based on their particular situation (Stewart, Simmons, & Habibpour, 2012). Sociocultural therapy can include individual, group, family, and couples treatment modalities.

      Additionally, many psychology professionals are currently working on new ways of educating and informing clinicians about how they can be more socio-culturally attuned. A prime example of this is a study conducted by a group of therapists in 2014, in which therapy sessions were rigorously examined, and following the sessions, the researchers discussed how well socio-cultural attunement was implemented. (Perron, N. J., Perneger, T., Kolly, V., Dao, M. D., Sommer, J., & Hudelson, P. 2009)

    4. This therapeutic perspective integrates the impact of cultural and social norms, starting at the beginning of treatment. Therapists who use this perspective work with clients to obtain and integrate information about their cultural patterns into a unique treatment approach based on their particular situation (Stewart, Simmons, & Habibpour, 2012). Sociocultural therapy can include individual, group, family, and couples treatment modalities.

      Researchers have identified a few ways of rating clinicians on their socio-cultural attunement. One of which is using a computer based simulation to find out how well they can identify important socio-cultural factors in a simulated therapy session. A study published in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice concluded that computer based rating scores correlated positively with people's opinions about how well they were socio-culturally attuned, meaning that the simulation is an effective way of evaluating them. (Pandit, M. L., Chen-Feng, J., Kang, Y. J., Knudson-Martin, C., & Huenergardt, D. 2014)

    1. Scientists use deductive reasoning to empirically test their hypotheses.

      Because we have scientist, thankfully, we can trust what they have to say despite what random people say or what we hear from them, just like this quote say "Fortunately, dedicated scientists are willing to do the research necessary to protect us from those who, knowingly or unknowingly, threaten our health by marketing untested medical products." (Woosley, 2013)

    2. We should be informed consumers of the information made available to us because decisions based on this information have significant consequences

      Being available to the research in the world includes these few things in the article 'Public medicine and research- important and challenging' "Research activity enforces reading, being updated, thinking creatively initiating, opening horizons and being in contact with researchers all over the world." (Pillar & Shapira, 2015)

    3. At various times in history, we would have been certain that the sun revolved around a flat earth, that the earth’s continents did not move, and that mental illness was caused by possession

      When a person does their research after hearing something they may not believe to be true of they do research and that will tell them whether it is true or not, in this article 'Demystifying Research: Uncovering important information' it say "However, if the reader is will- ing to look at the report systematically, it is not difficult to discover the main points and take-away message or information (Polit & Beck, 2012)."

    4. Scientific research is a critical tool for successfully navigating our complex world.

      Research is very important, it has grown and been one of the main things in this world since decades ago. It doesn't even matter what the research is on, research for any topic is important "Health services research (HSR) has expanded dramatically in the recent decades, particularly in surgery. " (Ban & Bilimoria, 2016)

  3. Feb 2019
    1. Although creativity is often associated with the arts, it is actually a vital form of intelligence that drives people in many disciplines to discover something new.

      Discipline can look very different depending on if someone enjoys what they are doing. Someone who really enjoys baseball might not mind spending hours practicing their swing. In turn, they really care about what they are doing and take the extra care to make sure they are not simply "going through the motions". This is discipline. Someone who doesn't like baseball could spend the same amount of time practicing, but if they are carelessly swinging without proper mechanics, there is a lack of discipline. This idea is important with creativity and how it develops. According to recent research the environment in which people are believed to be most creative is when they are doing something in which they enjoy but at that same time it still challenges them (Hennessey and Amabile, 2010). Going back to our baseball example creativity might look like a dedicated player developing a new way to swing that has more power because he uses the fundamentals in a different way than before.

    2. Think about your own family’s culture.

      The Culture in the United States is innovation and improving what already exists. If you can do these two things you are deemed intelligent. This is shown in a study done that compared state IQ and utility patents. According to the study "high-IQ" states have more utility patents when compared with states that score a lower average IQ tests (Squalli and Wilson, 2014). Although this may be a good thing in the united states it would not matter much if in a different culture there was no such thing as patents. If there were no patents trying to create them would not be valuable.

    3. obert Sternberg developed another theory of intelligence, which he titled the triarchic theory of intelligence because it sees intelligence as comprised of three parts (Sternberg, 1988): practical, creative, and analytical intelligence

      Recent research has found that there is more of a link between intelligence and creativity than previously thought to be (Nusbaum and Silvia, 2011). This correlation was found in studies done at the University of Greensboro, in North Carolina. Experiments done showed that people that were more creative or outside the box thinkers knew lots about many categories of things and less about individual things within a certain field/category. On the other end of the spectrum those who were thought to be intelligent had greater in depth knowledge in certain categories but in fewer catagories. The real finding though, was that people who were deemed extremely intelligent possessed both traits of knowing relatively little about a lot of things but at the same time knew how to relate these things to ideas they had a better understanding of.

    4. Like the father in this example, psychologists have wondered what constitutes intelligence and how it can be measured.

      Intelligence is created and developed from multiple factors (Deary, 2013). These factors are influenced by the environment and ones genetic make up. Intelligence itself has rarely been isolated in modern experiments (Deary, 2013). Due to the lack of isolating what makes up intelligence in studies, there is still a lack of ways in which it can be measured. However, technology has been catching up and certain scanners can now tell when portions of the brain are stimulated while thinking certain ways (Hennessey and Amabile, 2010).

    1. The prevailing public perception of the drive for women's votes envisions a small, doggedly, determined group of women who persisted against the odds until men finally "gave" them the vote. Nothing could be further from the actual facts of a mass movement that encompassed the lives of several generations of American women, employed highly sophisticated political strategy and organization, and developed brilliant, politically savvy, charismatic leaders.

      The way they blocked the paragraph's is a really effective breaking up of content. The website uses white space really well.

    1. Frontier Settlement

      Text is easily readable and is arranged in chronological order, allowing for an assumed timeline to be formed while reading. This timeline is reinforced through the menu bars on the left

    1. Grid view List view

      A grid or list view option is available, based on the reader's preference. This allows for greater readability and personalization of the site.

    1. 'Doxology. L. M.' in 'Songs of Zion: A Manual of the Best and Most Popular Hymns and Tunes, for Social and Private Devotion'

      Each primary source is labeled for easy recognition, with a digitized version available once in the folder itself.

    1. The Black Hawk War of 1832

      This section is arranged with hyperlinked titles and a brief overview of the event.

    1. Edward Ayers

      Sub-headers, in this case, introduce the speaker in the video, with videos arranged with hyperlinks in blocks of text.

    1. The cost of not having a comprehensive base of content knowledge can be prohibitive; for example, students can receive incorrect information and develop misconceptions about the content area (National Research Council, 2000; Pfundt, & Duit, 2000)

      The importance of understanding the full extent of the content we are teaching is to give our students correct information. Learning incorrect information and having "misconceptions about the content area" is detrimental to our students' learning.

    2. As Shulman (1986) noted, this knowledge would include knowledge of concepts, theories, ideas, organizational frameworks, knowledge of evidence and proof, as well as established practices and approaches toward developing such knowledge. Knowledge and the nature of inquiry differ greatly between fields, and teachers should understand the deeper knowledge fundamentals of the disciplines in which they teach

      It is important to not only understand what the content is that we are teaching but to understand what goes into the content that we are teaching. The article gives exampled of art and science; the importance is not only on the art or science it is the history and understanding of artists and their meaning and "knowledge of scientific facts and theories, the scientific method, and evidence-based reasoning"

    3. Equally important to the model are the interactions between and among these bodies of knowledge, represented as PCK, TCK (technological content knowledge), TPK (technological pedagogicalknowledge), and TPACK

      The interaction of all three areas is important because it will help us to understand technology when it comes to lesson planning and content knowledge. Knowing what types of technology to use based on our pedagogical methods and the content that we are teaching our students will help us to implement them to ensure full understanding from our students.

    1. A growing body of research indicates that interest helps us pay attention, make connections, persist and engage in deeper learning

      Making content relatable and interesting to ouor students will help them to be more engaged in what we are teaching.

    1. the ability to effectively use content knowledge and skill

      Understanding content and how to use it to prove a point, explain a topic, or shed light on an issue

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  5. sso.davidson.edu sso.davidson.edu
    1. "What is regarded as important and interesting is what is likely to be recognised by others as important and interesting, and thus to make the man who produces it appear more important and interesting in the eye of others."

      There are many different reasons scientists research different subject matters. These intentions are not always known to the public, but the public has a sense of hope that these intentions are in the interest of the people and the research is done to better those who will be affected. The research to find a cure to cancer is a prime example where the people hope this research is done to better the people. The public hopes that scientists will find a cure to save their loved ones. However, this quote bursts this bubble of hope, in a sense. It takes away the innocence of these good intentions and creates doubt in the minds of the public. This quote makes the people wonder if research is being conducted to further the professional reputation of the scientists by being the first one to discover a knew piece of information and create history. People often default to thinking others have the best intentions in mind, but this quote brings a sense of darkness about that innocence. Is research really conducted to benefit the public, or is it done so a scientist can become a piece of history?

  6. getincredibles-fe.herokuapp.com getincredibles-fe.herokuapp.com
    1. What's your target platform?

      Please say "What's your target platform? (e.g. Web, iOS, Android etc)" The hint text below should say 'you can add multiple options'

    2. Which industry/vertical/domain does your project belong to? (e..g Games, AR/VR)*

      Please remove the extra dot (.) from 'e..g' in the text

      the dropdown should show the following options "Games, AR/VR, FinTech, HealthTech, iOT". It's currently showing platforms instead of verticals/domains

    3. What's the name of your project*

      Please use the following as hint/example text below in the text field " e.g. Fun Doing Math"

    4. Tell us briefly about your project*

      Please use the following as hint/example text below in the text field "e.g. I want to build an educational game for 5 to 10 year olds that teaches addition. It is a 2D infinite runner..."

    1. Have you hit a roadblock while creating your next content calendar? Do you find the same blog posts at the top of your ‘best performing content’ list month after month? Not sure what is the next content piece which can prove to be a hit with your audience? You’re not alone in this struggle. About 60% content marketers find it hard to produce content consistently while 65% find it challenging to create engaging content. Content upcycling is the answer to this struggle. The word “Upcycle” means to pick up older stuff and convert it into a new form that can add more value to the original product.

      Have you hit a roadblock while creating your next content calendar? Do you find the same blog posts at the top of your ‘best performing content’ list month after month? Not sure what is the next content piece which can prove to be a hit with your audience?

  7. Dec 2018
    1. “We will leave it to them and focus our efforts on creating the most welcoming environment possible for our community.”

      Isn't a lot of their community people who share and interact with just this sort of content?

  8. Nov 2018
    1. For tech firms, he argued in one interview, a goal should be to “have positive content pushed out about your company and negative content that’s being pushed out about your competitor.”

      Reminds me a bit of an old adage within CAA, but this one is far more toxic than the positive version that CAA used. Theirs amounted to occupying executives with CAA client meetings and material so they just didn't have time to handle other talent.

    1. Instructional Design Strategies for Intensive Online Courses: An Objectivist-Constructivist Blended Approach

      This was an excellent article Chen (2007) in defining and laying out how a blended learning approach of objectivist and constructivist instructional strategies work well in online instruction and the use of an actual online course as a study example.

      RATING: 4/5 (rating based upon a score system 1 to 5, 1= lowest 5=highest in terms of content, veracity, easiness of use etc.)

    1. Distance Education Trends: Integrating new technologies to foster student interaction and collaboration

      This article explores the interaction of student based learner-centered used of technology tools such as wikis, blogs and podcasts as new and emerging technology tools. With distance learning programs becoming more and more popular, software applications such as Writeboard, InstaCol and Imeem may become less of the software of choice. The article looks closely at the influence of technology and outcomes.

      RATING: 4/5 (rating based upon a score system 1 to 5, 1= lowest 5=highest in terms of content, veracity, easiness of use etc.)

  9. Oct 2018
    1. "I am really pleased to see different sites deciding not to privilege aggressors' speech over their targets'," Phillips said. "That tends to be the default position in so many online 'free speech' debates which suggest that if you restrict aggressors' speech, you're doing a disservice to America—a position that doesn't take into account the fact that antagonistic speech infringes on the speech of those who are silenced by that kind of abuse."
  10. Sep 2018
    1. The Free Software Foundation[11][12] and the Open Knowledge Foundation approved CC0 as a recommended license to dedicate content and software to the public domain.
  11. Aug 2018
    1. If you look long enough you can find my early terrible writing. You can find blog posts in which I am an idiot. I’ve had a lot of uninformed and passionate opinions on geopolitical issues from Ireland to Israel. You can find tweets I thought were witty, but think are stupid now. You can find opinions I still hold that you disagree with. I’m going to leave most of that stuff up. In doing so, I’m telling you that you have to look for context if you are seeking to understand me. You don’t have to try, I’m not particularly important, but I am complicated. When I die, I’m going to instruct my executors to burn nothing. Leave the crap there, because it’s part of my journey, and that journey has a value. People who came from where I did, and who were given the thoughts I was given, should know that the future can be different from the past.
  12. Jul 2018
    1. To understand the current information ecosystem, we need to break down three elements:The different types of content that are being created and sharedThe motivations of those who create this contentThe ways this content is being disseminated
    1. In Chile, the Rosas et al. study (2003) evaluated the effects of introducingeducational video games into the classroom and found indications ofpositive effects on learning, motivation and classroom dynamics.

      Good publication to look at research studies proving OCC and video game creations and educational tools were beneficial to classrooms

    1. When young people help to create content for the Internet -- when they experience being active participants, contributing to what there is online -- they are more likely to see the Internet as a resource that they understand and use effectively. By contrast, when people, especially the young and underrepresented, do not have a chance to experience the Internet as something they have a part in shaping, they miss out on being more closely connected to a wealth of resources, information, interaction, and opportunities for growth that can help them to cross over the digital divide.

      Great point- when students are guided in creating online content, they become more comfortable with using technology to propel them forward in their learning

    1. Traditional education is failing to engage many students as they enter their middle school, high school, and college years. The culture clash between formal education and interest-driven, out-of-school learning is escalating in today’s world where social communication and interactive content is always at our fingertips. We need to harness these new technologies for learning rather than distraction.

      I agree with this. As the work load becomes more demanding, students tend to be too overwhelmed and lose interest in the content and material.

    1. Acquisition of content is a means, in the service of meaning making and transfer.

      Teachers need to make content meaningful and relatable so they see the big picture in the end.

  13. Jun 2018
    1. Mauris vel magna diam. Morbi eu congue urna. Duis mattis sollicitudin ma


  14. Apr 2018
    1. Other Recent Challenges

      I like how you went ahead and limited the scope of challenges. I'm sure there were plenty beforehand, but keeping it within the time frame likely helped with your sanity.

    1. Interview with Dr. Richards

      Interesting idea to incorporate the interview content in three ways. Those who want to use it as an article can do so, and those who want the original source can still access it.

  15. Feb 2018
    1. This is one of my favorite parts of the website. I think this a is a great organizational tool and something I want to try for in our website.

    1. When you click on a source with multiple documents and it brings you to a page like this that lists the different documents for each topic. I like the way they organize everything. It's very simple and clean.

    1. Recent Additions

      This is a neat way to share what kind of content is found through this site. It shows recent additions, so if people were just looking around they can go through them. The only problem with this is that this site seems like a place you would go if you were already looking into a particular topic.

    2. 700 digital collections

      There is a ton of information you can find through this site, which I thought was really impressive. If I was ever looking for primary sources for a women's history project, I would probably use this site.

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    1. an environment unlike anything they will encounter outside of school

      Hm? Aren’t they likely to encounter Content Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Intranets, etc.? Granted, these aren’t precisely the same think as LMS. But there’s quite a bit of continuity between Drupal, Oracle, Moodle, Sharepoint, and Salesforce.

    1. The H5P format is open and the tools for creating H5P content are open source. This guarantees that creatives own their own content and are not locked into the fate and licensing regime of a specific tool. Read more about how H5P ensures that the content remains yours in our blog.
    1. JavaScript widgets create simple graphs to quickly and concisely display activity by exhibit and by student

      Wonder if these were custom-made or if they relate to other initiatives.

    1. Any questionable or surprise patterns might deserve an extra look or perhaps a redesign in how that material is presented.
  18. Oct 2017
    1. applying networkand content analyses

      I came across this article while doing research for last week’s blog. I know this is not a straight forward SNA article, but I found it very interesting since it is a combination of SNA and content analysis. Considering this week’s readings on different data collection method, I found their approach of collecting data from Twitter very unique. In this context, content analysis refers to analyzing tweets and their content. Recently, content analysis is being used in various fields. Even social researchers are taking this opportunity of exploring already existing data. Do you think you can use the combination of both SNA and content analysis in your own research field?

    1. “The notion that adaptive technology is the reason why one school should choose one company’s content over OER (open educational resources) or other options” has become a staple of many publisher’s marketing claims, says Trace Urdan, an education market analyst.
  19. Sep 2017
    1. LMSs limit the visibility of copyrighted course content to only course participants for the duration that they need it. (Of course, this would become a moot point if using openly licensed OERs.)
  20. Jul 2017
    1. this knowledge would include knowledge of concepts, theories, ideas, organizational frameworks, knowledge of evidence and proof, as well as established practices and approaches toward developing such knowledge

      content knowledge

  21. Jun 2017
    1. Last full screen image within project narrative should not animate. Currently they slide in. Please update across all projects.

  22. Feb 2017
  23. Jan 2017
    1. To me, that sense of complete commensurability between form and content at the level of the individual sentence is really what writing is all about.

      Power's sentence-level interest: form and content

  24. Nov 2016
  25. www.folgerdigitaltexts.org www.folgerdigitaltexts.org
    1. I know my price, I am worth no worse a place. FTLN 0013 But he, as loving his own pride and purposes, FTLN 0014 Evades them with a bombast circumstance, FTLN 001515 Horribly stuffed with epithets of war, FTLN 0016 And in conclusion,

      He saying he doesn't like Othello.

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    1. Voyant Tools is a web-based reading and analysis environment for digital texts.
  30. May 2016
    1. The case for print

      Not either/or for sure. Continuing to equate OER with traditional textbooks vastly constrains the power of OER and open education. How about helping students develop the skills and use the tools to work with digital media in much more powerful ways than is possible with paper?

  31. Apr 2016
    1. While there are assets that have not been assigned to a cluster If only one asset remaining then Add a new cluster Only member is the remaining asset Else Find the asset with the Highest Average Correlation (HC) to all assets not yet been assigned to a Cluster Find the asset with the Lowest Average Correlation (LC) to all assets not yet assigned to a Cluster If Correlation between HC and LC > Threshold Add a new Cluster made of HC and LC Add to Cluster all other assets that have yet been assigned to a Cluster and have an Average Correlation to HC and LC > Threshold Else Add a Cluster made of HC Add to Cluster all other assets that have yet been assigned to a Cluster and have a Correlation to HC > Threshold Add a Cluster made of LC Add to Cluster all other assets that have yet been assigned to a Cluster and have Correlation to LC > Threshold End if End if End While

      Fast Threshold Clustering Algorithm

      Looking for equivalent source code to apply in smart content delivery and wireless network optimisation such as Ant Mesh via @KirkDBorne's status https://twitter.com/KirkDBorne/status/479216775410626560 http://cssanalytics.wordpress.com/2013/11/26/fast-threshold-clustering-algorithm-ftca/

    1. preferably

      Delete "preferably". Limiting the scope of text mining to exclude societal and commercial purposes limits the usefulness to enterprises (especially SMEs that cannot mine on their own) as well as to society. These limitations have ramifications in terms of limiting the research questions that researchers can and will pursue.

    2. Encourage researchers not to transfer the copyright on their research outputs before publication.

      This statement is more generally applicable than just to TDM. Besides, "Encourage" is too weak a word here, and from a societal perspective, it would be far better if researchers were to retain their copyright (where it applies), but make their copyrightable works available under open licenses that allow publishers to publish the works, and others to use and reuse it.

  32. Mar 2016
    1. At the core of the personal API is the radical mission to put control over data (and its access) in the hands of students. This is both a pedagogical act and a creative opportunity, informing students that they can access their own information as well as create interfaces to do with that data what they please. It gives them a seat at the tables where the edtech powers sit, moving them one step closer to a status of equality rather than that of a passive consumer.
  33. Feb 2016
    1. In Firefox, one can disable Content Security Policy by changing security.csp.enable to false in about:config

      Websites using Content Security Policy can be annoted with hypothes.is in Firefox by switching (in about:config ) security.csp.enable to false

  34. Jan 2016
    1. content as the center of learning

      vs. connection and creation as the center of learning. Of course, you deal with content as a teacher but it through the learner connections that we educe learning.

    1. own music projects, exchanging tunes and coding in the online community that has sprung up around it. 

      Like teaching, music is sharing. In both cases, the impulse for generalized reciprocity varies quite a bit, but musicians and teachers who know to get together can help shape a world of deep insight and learning.

  35. Dec 2015
    1. Users publish coursework, build portfolios or tinker with personal projects, for example.

      Useful examples. Could imagine something like Wikity, FedWiki, or other forms of content federation to work through this in a much-needed upgrade from the “Personal Home Pages” of the early Web. Do see some connections to Sandstorm and the new WordPress interface (which, despite being targeted at WordPress.com users, also works on self-hosted WordPress installs). Some of it could also be about the longstanding dream of “keeping our content” in social media. Yes, as in the reverse from Facebook. Multiple solutions exist to do exports and backups. But it can be so much more than that and it’s so much more important in educational contexts.

    1. user-generated content

      Continuity with Web 2.0, emphasis on content. Though the coalition is forward-looking, there’s something of a timestamp on this wording.

    1. Anyone can say Anything

      The “Open World Assumption” is central to this post and to the actual shift in paradigm when it comes to moving from documents to data. People/institutions have an alleged interest in protecting the way their assets are described. Even libraries. The Open World Assumption makes it sound quite chaotic, to some ears. And claims that machine learning will solve everything tend not to help the unconvinced too much. Something to note is that this ability to say something about a third party’s resource connects really well with Web annotations (which do more than “add metadata” to those resources) and with the fact that no-cost access to some item of content isn’t the end of the openness.

  36. Nov 2015
    1. Presentation summarizing an approach to duplicate web page detection that was developed by a researcher whilst at Google in the early 2000s

  37. Aug 2015
  38. Apr 2015
  39. scalar.usc.edu scalar.usc.edu
    1. l experience increase with rising GDP

      This is a specialist term that deserves definition. Imagine an undergraduate student reading your encyclopedia entry (recall, undergraduates are one of the audiences described in the assignment).

    2. o Convention on t

      Similarly to my comment about the previous section, I think you need a discussion of why these theories are important to the broader topic you are reviewing.

    3. ountries to developing co

      I see what you are doing in this section: breaking out the most commonly used concepts in the corpus of literature you are reviewing. However, I think that in addition you need to offer a more explicit discussion of your intentions in this section, for example, perhaps a discussion of why these concepts matter to the overall topic would help.

    1. Recent surveys and data, interviews with educators and industry officials, and K-12 companies' development of new products underscore the enduring, widespread demand for textbooks and other paper-based materials in the nation's schools.

      What efforts have been made to help students better interact with digital content?

    1. Do I own my content on The Grid? Yes, you own your content. The engine AutoDesigns your site, publishes it, and stores it on Github. Your source content will live in a Github repository that you can access and download anytime.

      Is access private/public?

  40. Mar 2015
  41. nesta-skills.prototypes.siftdigital.co.uk nesta-skills.prototypes.siftdigital.co.uk
    1. Hi We are an innovation charity with a mission to help people and organisations bring great ideas to life.

      Is this the right heading to use?