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  1. Nov 2018
    1. My special education students typically miss out on taking courses of personal interest. Electives are often replaced with supplemental math or reading classes to bring the students up to grade-level expectations. So I decided to bring student interests into my resource rooms.

      I would love to do this within my classroom, I believe this is a great idea! Students will love this project, and that it can also be self paced is a great plus!

    1. Some students struggle to capture their thoughts on paper because they have poor handwriting skills or because they cannot hold a pen or pencil. Technology gives students extra support that traditional methods cannot provide.

      This will be a great tool to use technology inside the classroom. I never thought of it to be used this way, so this article really helped my find my understanding of technology inside of my future classroom.

  2. Oct 2018
    1. Many students do not read search engine results; they simply click and look their way down each list of search results, reviewing each web page, often skipping right past a use-ful resource (Leu, Forzani, & Kennedy, 2013).

      I have found myself doing this sometimes, and then I have to remind myself to slow down and actually read things.

    1. nternet Inquiry Projects are student interest driven, and are more authentic as a learning activity than traditional WebQuests.

      This is important for the students to research what they choose, because they will gather knowledge without realizing it, and it helps them learn how to navigate the internet.

    1. n math and English, teachers cede the floor to students so they can teach one another

      Honestly, I feel like peer to peer teaching is the best way to learn, only if the peer knows the information. Because, they are able to explain, and sometimes connect it to everyday life and its easier to understand.

    2. focus on the mathematical process and not just the “right answer.” In English, the discussions are open-ended, allowing for multiple right answers.

      I like focusing on the process of solving it rather than focusing on the right answer. It helps the students become motivated to learn math and reading, because they are able to express themselves.

    1. Connected learning is realized when a young person is able to pursue a personal interest or passion with the support of friends and caring adults, and is in turn able to link this learning and interest to academic achievement, career success or civic engagement.

      When there is something that is interesting to that student, they would become more focused into the lesson. Simply because its something they hold interest in and they enjoy talking about it.

  3. Sep 2018
    1. Students with visual disabilities may have difficulty seeing non-verbalized actions;

      I never knew about this. This is pretty cool!

    2. When students enter the university setting, they are responsible for requesting accommodations through the appropriate office.

      This reminds me of REACH at College of Charleston, students with Intellectual Disabilities are able to attend college.

    1. Many new vehicles come equipped with wireless technology, voice commands, and touchscreen liquid crystal displays that allows motorists to place calls, send voice-based text messages, navigate with the GPS, stream music, search the Internet, engage in using social media, and interact with other “infotainment” systems. The majority of these interactions are significant sources of driver distraction,17

      With my dad's new car, it has everything inside of it, GPS, voice call, voice text, and etc.. Its so easy for you to be driving and the car will start talking to you. Also, driving while using the GPS in the car also is a major distraction and I did not realize it until after reading this article.

    1. Withdrawal symptoms when gaming is taken away: These symptoms are typically described as irritability, anxiety, or sadness;

      After reading this I instantly thought about the kids I used to mentor. When it was time for them to figure out how to work a math problem out, or read a book they would become very irritable and frustrated. However, when it was time to play Fortnite they were all pumped and ready to go and knew exactly how to play.

  4. Aug 2018
    1. Students have control over the look and feel of their own sites, including what’s shared publicly.

      This is a good example of students owning their work.