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  1. Apr 2022
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    1. atchyour language.

      As in, do not curse or do not get caught with an accent?

    2. ashyour neck

      Does this person farm? or tend to the garden? or live in a place with a lot of loose sand or dirt around?

    3. GertrudoGanley.

      Who is this person? What makes him worth being the example of standards to live by?

    4. tofallbackon.

      Are they an artist?

    5. BeSomeone

      Someone as in according to society's expectations? That person is someone, just not the right kind then?

  3. Mar 2022
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    1. my ingenious home-made typewriter, in perfect order except for two faulty characters, was knocked down for four and tuppence. I

      Dehumanizing a memory by putting a price tag on it, turning it into an object.

    2. t the mel- ancholy task of selling up my little home. Auction followed auction. Priceless books went for a mere song, and invaluable songs, many of them of my own composition, were ruthlessly exchanged for loads of books. Stomach-pumps and stallions went for next to nothing, whilst my ingenious home-made typewriter, in perfect order except for two faulty characters, was knocked down for four and tuppence. I was finally stripped of all my possessions, except for a few old articles of clothing upon which I had waggishly placed an enormous reserve price. I was in some doubt about a dappled dressing-gown of red fustian, bordered with a pleasing grey piping. I finally decided to present it to the Nation. The Nation, however, acting through one of its accredited Sanitary Inspectors, declined the gift—rather churl- ishly I thought—and pleading certain statutory prerogatives, caused the thing to be burnt in a yard off Chatham Street within a stone’s

      This is like dismantling the set of a play. For a person, feels like dissolving the evidence of a life lived.

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    1. ast night he was so curious about it all. It’s very queer, chums, I always think. Now he knows as much about it as they'll ever let him know, and last night he was all in the dark

      Was "last night's" conversation foreshadowing this?

    2. I couldn’t tell him, because I knew he wouldn’t under- stand. I

      They had become friends, they had gotten used to each other's company and mannerism.

    3. ht to be behind, keeping guard on the prisoners. I didn’

      Oh no... they were prisoners?

    4. ls of Limerick,” “The Siege of Ennis,” and “The Waves of Tory” as

      Folk songs

    5. ee the point of me and Noble guarding Belcher and Hawkins at all, for it was my belief that you could have planted that pair down any- where from this to Claregalway and they'd have taken

      He seems to be accompanying them, like showing them "the lay of the land," acclimating them so they feel more comfortable.

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    1. And Connolly® and Pearse

      "I write it out in a verse—" (74) . The fact that he wanted to write their names in a poem, "in a verse" signifies affection and actually writing their names signifies respect and support. He immortalized their names, their importance in the event, and his love for them in this poem.

    2. he stone’s in the midst of all.

      In this whole stanza there is alot of movements portrayed by the horses, the time references, and the imagery as a whole. It gives the impression as if the town was preparing for something. It has a serious and hurried feeling with a hint of change and danger.

    3. Enchanted to a stone

      What is this "stone"? Is it a thought? Is it "the purpose," immobile, that unites the hearts in line 41?

    4. Jester’s out

      "Motley", did he use this word to say that community feels like they have been made fools?

    5. Easter 1916!

      In reference to the "Easter Rising/ Easter Rebellion of April 24, 1916 in Dublin. [] Here a short article about the event. (https://www.britannica.com/event/Easter-Rising)

  7. Feb 2022
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    1. Why wouldn’t you give him your blessing and he looking round in the door? Isn’t it sorrow enough is on every one in this house without your sending him out with an unlucky word behind him, an

      Superstitious. Which one was the unlucky word?

    2. titute,” says he, “with no son living.”

      To lose a son is comparable to being destitute.

    3. he’s got

      Seems like a very respectful way to address a person. Is she the head of the family? Is her husband dead?

    4. She’s lying down, God help her, and may be sleeping, if she’s able.

      What ails the mother?

    5. -skins, spi

      "Waterproof garment typically worn by sailors. Raincoat." - Wikipedia

    6. iders to the Sea

      "Published 1903, produced in 1904." - Britanica.com entry