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  1. Feb 2022
    1. remembered

      Tense will affect how it is read

    2. I knew that none of them were.

      To subvert myth -- the narrator realizes his life is connected with the larger floating stories and there wasn't even really a change that signals his realization.

    3. story about the World Egg,

      Myth being told in a fated way -- Myths are accepted as real, or as real as anything else.

    4. towards the strand of cooking smoke rising from the village

      There really isn't intention in his moving; Waking up in different places without explanation of how he got there; There is potential for being moved magically but without explanation is confusing.

    5. I had known suffering

      Narration being jagged and brain trauma -- not a lot of actual emotion and not a lot of contrast. The tone is lacking conceals the horror. Lean more into the physicality which is richer than "I knew suffering"

    6. fell

      Incorporate present tense through all of the "present" narrative? Plane crash has a certain surrealness -- there is a flatness that works fine for folktale but outside of fairy tales there is a lack of tone and contrast.

    7. plane

      Do we know even where the plane is going? Seems to be on a plane for the purpose to be on a plane?

    8. No one knew if any of it was true, but people loved saying it.

      Most of the tension is from the couple's storyline until the narrator fits in the story. The narrator doesn't really seem to deliberately do anything. A "lazy river" type of journey.

    9. Before the plane

      Question about what came before the journey? When did the memory loss begin? How to make the sudden or step-by-step rush-back of memory more clear?

    10. Remembrance I remember

      "I remember" doesn't reveal until very late that this is the narrator's personal lived story

    11. Mom

      There are a LOT of characters?

      confusion can be explained by the disorientation of the plane crash.

    12. I remember

      "I remember" help add to the recognition of the different modes of storytelling.

    13. Tales: Separate origin stories connect together is good.


  2. Oct 2021
    1. My mistake was thinking I could be anythingother than hungry.My mistake was thinking I could be anything other

      three lines three different way to interpret. to be anything to be anything other than XXX to be anything other (is this the same as to be anything else? )

    2. Lying motionless

      Accessing memory but failing just like trying to get a glimpse through a curtained window. Lying motionless here and now? Or when every one was afraid? Is the terrible effort the effort to access memory?

    3. could not get to return

      Not just he could not, he could not get to

    4. attempts

      The woods as an action, like a quest where the speaker attempts and works towards a connection.

    5. lent

      strange strange verb here; Lent to whom from the daughter?

    6. His

      First instance of using third person "Him"?

    7. I looked back and could never quite touch it

      Again reference to a memory -- a past that is real but can't be touched

    8. unfurling

      to spread or shake out from a furled state like a sail or a flag

    9. ived a recall

      Again reference to the past

    10. windy

      Strong wind contrasts the stillness of the people. Just because there is movement of the wind does not mean it is not idle. Rather, it enhances it.

    11. to liaison

      Liaison is not really a verb but still one can connect, one can make phonetic connection between words or social connection, often illicit, between peoples. What does this mean?

    12. could not understand why, corrected or destroyed, I used to be delighted

      Such a strange remembrance of the past. "miserable" and "harm" is the result of "correction" or "destruction" of what used to be "delight".

    13. material, namely miserable, muffled-up


    14. remember present, read to represent a promise

      word play

    15. football field of forest


    16. pardon

      Both as a verb as tomorrow will pardon (whom?) and as an expression of hesitation after a comma.

    17. reticence

      state of being reserved; strained with regard to speaking freely

    18. you

      Confusion over first and second person pronouns. Is the "you" towards the reader?