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  1. Jul 2019
    1. support of friends and caring adults, and is in turn able to link this learning and interest to academic achievement, career success or civic engagement.

      I really like how in this definition of connected learning includes the support of others because making sure you have a good support system around you goes along way in what people want to accomplish

    1. Learners need support from peers and mentors to persist through setbacks and challenges.

      to show others what you are doing and getting feedback can go along way for students for having that extra support is always amazing

    2. Learning is irresistible and life-changing when it connects personal interests to meaningful relationships and real-world opportunity.

      Being able to connect to others and interact with other online can have a positive effect. In the example above a girl was able to gain her confidence and know what she wanted to do and go for it

    1. I think this is extremely important to learn. students to learn to know what they can and can not trust on the internet. Some materials out there are just not credible or even correct.

    2. They can evaluate web content, and identify what is useful and trustworthy.

      This is very important to learn because it will help with research projects and being able to identify websites that might not be as accurate as others.