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  1. Jan 2017
    1. videos and podcasts

      I love that we are moving towards more unique ways of presenting projects rather than just tri-fold poster boards!!

    2. "entry event"

      I really like this idea of an entry event, and it is something I never thought much about before, from the student perspective. When a teacher introduces a new topic in school, if they do so in a visual, auditory, or fun way, I would be way more likely to be interested in doing a project about the topic, compared to if they had just handed me a huge packet at the beginning of class.

    3. A classroom filled with student posters may suggest that students have engaged in meaningful learning. But it is the process of students' learning and the depth of their cognitive engagement— rather than the resulting product—that distinguishes projects from busywork.

      I agree SO much with this statement! Yes, from the outside a classroom may portray extreme learning through the posters and pictures displayed, but did the student really retain the information throughout the project-process? Or did they just cram and do the project the night before to get an A?