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    1. Card Issuance & Maintenance Team

      "What should I do if the Procurement Card is lost or stolen, or I need to cancel a Procurement Card?

      Notify Accounts Payable immediately if a card is lost or stolen via email at protrav@uiowa.edu or phone at 319/ 335-0115. If lost on University grounds, notify Public Safety at 319/ 335-5022. Outside of normal business hours, notify U.S. Bank directly at 800/ 344-5696 or internationally at 701/ 461-2010 (both numbers available 24 hours a day). Notify Accounts Payable the next business day.

      To cancel a PCard, email protrav@uiowa.edu and provide cardholder name and the reason for cancelation (e.g. left University, transferred dept., etc). Do not include the credit card number. Once canceled, a confirmation response is sent. The canceled card should be cut in half and sent via campus mail to 202 PCO." https://uiowa.edu/ap-purchasing/pcard-faqs#gi7

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    1. “Yes, perhaps he has captured it.” A man sitting at a desk

      Annotation to an image? Perhaps for charts/graphs?


    2. Sun and Soil and Man


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    1. [Illustration: Rotating the Crops--Corn Isn't Iowa's Only Product]

      Note the blade of the plow.

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    1. philippic

      A philippic (/fɪˈlɪpɪk/) is a fiery, damning speech, or tirade, delivered to condemn a particular political actor. The term is most famously associated with two noted orators of the ancient world, Demosthenes of Athens and the Roman Cicero, although it can be applied to any speech of this type. - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philippic

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    1. Canvas admins can enable these features by contacting their Canvas Customer Success Manager.

      Even for the Beta environment?