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  1. Aug 2018
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    1. He held out his hand, as usual, and said, “Good morning.”

      British gentlemen, so-called gentlemen, polite, well-dressed, combined with the context, but found that gentlemen are only superficial gentlemen, heart cruel numbness.

    2. “I can’t explain it,” says Mr. Franklin; “but, if the girl IS concerned in the loss of the Diamond, I do really believe she was on the point of confessing everything–to me, of all the people in the world–not two minutes since.”

      In the sentence, Mr. Franklin become sensible about the loss of the diamond. And according to the sentences in the later, Mr. Franklin is serious about his investigations . And he tried to do this by himself.

    3. Those two sat on either side of Miss Rachel, who, as queen of the day, was naturally the great attraction of the party.

      Oh. The Birthday party will start!!! The most interesting part will appear. In fact, the queen of the party --- Miss Rachel who is loved deeply by the Mr. Franklin. And in the party, the Moonstone would be stolen. And I am looking forward to reading how the moonstone would be stolen. And maybe, some important clues would be found later.

    4. I cannot even declare that he killed the third man inside–for I cannot say that my own eyes saw the deed committed.

      Again!!!! British gentlemen, so-called gentlemen, polite, well-dressed, but found that gentlemen are only superficial gentlemen, heart cruel numbness., here, they killed peopel just for the treasure.

    5. Let me now take you on to the day of the assault. My cousin and I were separated at the outset. I never saw him when we forded the river; when we planted the English flag in the first breach; when we crossed the ditch beyond; and, fighting every inch of our way, entered the town. It was only at dusk, when the place was ours, and after General Baird himself had found the dead body of Tippoo under a heap of the slain, that Herncastle and I met.

      The fighting of British soldiers, seemingly uneventful, hinted at many things, the ubiquity of killing and war, the cruelty and numbness of the British.

    6. these

      So what is this story about, a myth, a detective, a combination of myths and detectives, a wonderful feeling, the combination of British culture and India mythology

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    1. Everything changes. Now she was going to go away like the others, to leave her home.

      Tragic things always fall on the protagonist, the cruel experience, the helpless heroine, everything has changed, she can only go away from home and go to new life, cruel life, cruel story, we can not image, hope this article can have glitter after the reader.

    2. He was a stout, tallish young man. The high colour of his cheeks pushed upwards even to his forehead, where it scattered itself in a few formless patches of pale red; and on his hairless face there scintillated restlessly the polished lenses and the bright gilt rims of the glasses which screened his delicate and restless eyes. His glossy black hair was parted in the middle and brushed in a long curve behind his ears where it curled slightly beneath the groove left by his hat.

      It is also a personal description, the young people in this big and handsome, but the lack of young people vigorous vigor, the repression of the atmosphere of the era of Dublin, really frightening and desperate, depressed times, oppressed people.

    3. LILY, the caretaker’s daughter, was literally run off her feet. Hardly had she brought one gentleman into the little pantry behind the office on the ground floor and helped him off with his overcoat than the wheezy hall-door bell clanged again and she had to scamper along the bare hallway to let in another guest. It was well for her she had not to attend to the ladies also. But Miss Kate and Miss Julia had thought of that and had converted the bathroom upstairs into a ladies’ dressing-room. Miss Kate and Miss Julia were there, gossiping and laughing and fussing, walking after each other to the head of the stairs, peering down over the banisters and calling down to Lily to ask her who had come.

      A group of crazy women, they are crazy, they are dancing and screaming crazily. It looks very exciting. In fact, the story of the next story must be quite tragic and cruel. This is the scene of the times of Dublin. People are excited and repressed.

    4. drink

      Drinking here seems to be a happy drink, rather than a bitterness of emotion before, and drinking should have been a good thing, but it was a sad time, a time when there was little drink, bitter, stressful times.

    5. The man who wrote it, I suppose, was some wretched fellow who writes these things for a drin

      The man here, still controlled by alcohol to paralyze themselves, it shows that people in the times of Dublin have great pressure to release energy from the end of alcohol, the sorrow of the times.It is really poor!

    6. Old Cotter was sitting at the fire, smoking, when I came downstairs to supper. While my aunt was ladling out my stirabout he said, as if returning to some former remark of his: “No, I wou

      The people of this age numb, by alcohol and smoke to paralyze themselves, it shows that people in the times of Dublin have great pressure to release energy from the end of alcohol, the sorrow of the times.

    7. He was so different when he took any drink.

      It also heralded a man who was crazy about drinking. It was very terrible for the women and children in this family. It also showed that the pressure of people in the Dublin era was great, the energy of the alcohol was released later, the sorrow of the times.

    8. THE matron had given her leave to go out as soon as the women’s tea was over and Maria looked forward to her evening out. The kitchen was spick and span: the cook said you could see yourself in the big copper boilers. The fire was nice and bright and on one of the side-tables were four very big barmbracks. These barmbracks seemed uncut; but if you went closer you would see that they had been cut into long thick even slices and were ready to be handed round at tea. Maria had cut them herself.

      The beginning is a little strange, without omen mentioning a woman, mentioning four big bread, mentioning her big bread, cut into thin slices, very strange, no logic, showing that this article may be more difficult to understand. It's still a fog at the beginning.

    9. MRS. MOONEY was a butcher’s daughter. She was a woman who was quite able to keep things to herself: a determined woman. She had married her father’s foreman and opened a butcher’s shop near Spring Gardens. But as soon as his father-in-law was dead Mr. Mooney began to go to the devil. He drank, plundered the till, ran headlong into debt. It was no use making him take the pledge: he was sure to break out again a few days after. By fighting his wife in the presence of customers and by buying bad meat he ruined his business. One night he went for his wife with the cleaver and she had to sleep in a neighbour’s house.

      It was a terrible man who inherited his father-in-law's family and married his daughter. In the end, it turned out to be a terrible, cruel, idle man. Such a man is a family disaster, and the story begins with the condition of the age of Dublin.

    10. THE grey warm evening of August had descended upon the city and a mild warm air, a memory of summer, circulated in the streets. The streets, shuttered for the repose of Sunday, swarmed with a gaily coloured crowd. Like illumined pearls the lamps shone from the summits of their tall poles upon the living texture below which, changing shape and hue unceasingly, sent up into the warm grey evening air an unchanging unceasing murmur.

      The title is“ Two Gallants”. But the description of the scene, without any thrilling scenes, began to call out, waiting for the savior to save the world. Just like Kevin Durant saved the Warriors

    11. THE cars came scudding in towards Dublin, running evenly like pellets in the groove of the Naas Road. At the crest of the hill at Inchicore sightseers had gathered in clumps to watch the cars careering homeward and through this channel of poverty and inaction the Continent sped its wealth and industry. Now and again the clumps of people raised the cheer of the gratefully oppressed. Their sympathy, however, was for the blue cars—the cars of their friends, the French.

      For these sentences, it shew the rapid development of industry in Dublin, at the same time squeezing ordinary people. It is kind of irony.

    1. died

      In fact, Lara is also a kind, sensitive girl, but the class is too restrictive to her personal feelings.

    2. blue

      For "blue", there are two matches. The first one is "the blue", which represented the blue sky. So, the function of the color can represent a thing because "the" plus a adjective could stand for a thing.The second one is "a dark blue". Also, the "blue" is also representing a thing(a blue eye). But, the 'blue' also means melancholy and depression,which could show the character of the boy.

    3. died

      At the beginning, Lara pretends to be her mother, directs the workers, and later finds that they are very easy to get along with. Then one of their neighbors died, and she didn't want to do it, but her mother and sister thought she was funny. But when Lara had a beautiful hat, she immediately became happy and forgot about it. Later, they found their conscience and sent the meal to the family of the dead, but that was also left.

    4. red

      In the article "The Garden Party" there are words about colors. The phenomenon interests me a lot. And what the functions of the words of colors. The words are only used for describing the colors or have other functions. It is my arguement about the aiticle. Color is a visual perception.

  4. Jul 2018
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    1. The evening deepened in the avenue.

      WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW, flash appeared, the heroine met her lover, the life of the track will be changed, finally in this sentence is warm, the cruel darkness is always temporary, although love will be late, but the last will come!!

    2. cretonne

      It was another gloomy and dreary beginning, and laid a dark and cold tone, which I thought would tell the story of the poor girl's miserable experience. But this article will always have its sparkle, which is worth our expectation.

    3. NORTH RICHMOND STREET, being blind, was a quiet street except at the hour when the Christian Brothers’ School set the boys free.

      This sentence vividly describes a quiet and peaceful scene before the school, indicating that the next event is a thunder after the silence, very interesting. Reminds me of my childhood

    1. The Lady’s Maid Eleven o’clock. A knock at the door... I hope I haven’t disturbed you, madam. You weren’t asleep—were you? But I’ve just given my lady her tea, and there was such a nice cup over, I thought, perhaps...

      It's like the beginning of a suspense story. It's a bit of a thriller. This topic itself is very classy and consistent with the core of our recent article, but this is a bit of horror and horror at the beginning.


      The title is quite interesting. A model family, I think this title must have some meaning. Perhaps the model family is not imitated The model family has some moral implications and is looking forward to the next article.

    3. “This is my little country cousin Leila. Be nice to her. Find her partners; she’s under my wing,” said Meg, going up to one girl after another.

      This is an introduction from a cousin. It's like an old man coming to an organization with a new person who can feel the pride of a class gap. And for Leila, she must shy and want to join the extremely new organitions

    4. She tried not to smile too much; she tried not to care. But every single thing was so new and exciting...

      A poor girl from the country, who envied all my eyes, was I wonder who brought her because she was lonely, and no one found her in the house who had found her in 15 miles. It is strange.

    5. The new Isabel looked at him, her eyes narrowed, her lips apart.

      So cute and poor the girl is. And she let me remember the girl in the "Young Girl" part, which is contrast to her. Although they are different in the conditions of their family. But the fact is that are all fortunate and unfortunate.

    6. On his way to the station William remembered with a fresh pang of disappointment that he was taking nothing down to the kiddies. Poor little chaps! It was hard lines on them. Their first words always were as they ran to greet him, “What have you got for me, daddy?” and he had nothing. He would have to buy them some sweets at the station. But that was what he had done for the past four Saturdays; their faces had fallen last time when they saw the same old boxes produced again.

      This shows a very miserable family. Many children are living in straitened circumstances. They all hope to receive gifts from their fathers, but they fail again and again. The bedding of this miserable life will make readers feel depressed.

    7. “Oh, do come in! I want to make money,” said the impatient voice. “It’s all jolly well for you—but I’m broke!”

      Oh.Thse sentences looks ridiculous. This shows the extreme image of a greedy and selfish desire for money, implying the abominable behavior of this person. Bury the characters for the following

    8. In her blue dress, with her cheeks lightly flushed, her blue, blue eyes, and her gold curls pinned up as though for the first time—pinned up to be out of the way for her flight—Mrs. Raddick’s daughter might have just dropped from this radiant heaven. Mrs. Raddick’s timid, faintly astonished, but deeply admiring glance looked as if she believed it, too; but the daughter didn’t appear any too pleased—why should she?—to have alighted on the steps of the Casino. Indeed, she was bored—bored as though Heaven had been full of casinos with snuffy old saints for croupiers and crowns to play with.

      In these sentences, we can find a pretty, cute girl. And I suppose that she is from the family with high income. And in the last sentences showed that she don't like the life now. And the parents as the high-level do dirty things unexpectly。

    9. A spasm of pity squeezed her heart.

      This show that Constantia is a kind and lovely girl. she just care bout the living of the mouse. It is just a little small mouse when they are so poor. I consider that the mice maybe just like them. poor and helpless.


      The title is interesting. In fact, for such satirical articles, such a beginning is rare.It uncovered the colonial invasion naked. And the daughters should be the colonel again. Or they will be kind?

    11. Away Laura flew, still holding her piece of bread-and-butter. It’s so delicious to have an excuse for eating out of doors, and besides, she loved having to arrange things; she always felt she could do it so much better than anybody else.

      It is shown that the Laura is a independent , childish, willful, lovely girl. She just put holding the party as a easy game. She wanted to arrange workers, which shew that she really enjoyed the feeling of being in a high level.

    12. “My dear child, it’s no use asking me. I’m determined to leave everything to you children this year. Forget I am your mother. Treat me as an honoured guest.”

      Just for the sentence, the mother put the response on her daughter to hold and organize the party, and it will be interesting one. And the girl will have the right to lead a group of workers. Just a little girl. It is show the difference of the difference of classes.

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    1. I got to an open door, and saw the bodies of two Indians (by their dress, as I guessed, officers of the palace) lying across the entrance, dead.

      I consider someone has killed the two in the entrance. And for the last one, I think he may inside for the final defense. So I think the last one may be the leader of the defense team. And maybe the final one will be dead because the moonstone should be stolen.

    2. To put it seriously, my dear pretty Miss Rachel,

      I think this is a noble name, showing that she comes from a higher family in the upper end of the social class, completely different from the other girls, to show the unique nobility and mystique.

    3. stiff-necked enough to set the fashions

      From the sentence ,I considered that Miss Rachel is well-educated because she has the ability to judge herself. Even set the fashions. This kind of girl is different from other girls under the age the novel in.

    4. , I am bound to own that he has stated no more than the truth in representing me as wounded to the heart by Rachel’s treatment, and as leaving England in the first keenness of suffering caused by the bitterest disappointment of my life.

      Although the sentences showed the guilt of Franklin. I concentrate more about Franklin is full love in Miss. Rachel. After Franklin experience cruelty , he become a strange man and has a quirky character. But here, he really fell in love with Rachel.

    5. Everybody wondered at the prodigious size and beauty of the Diamond, as a matter of course. But the only two of the company who said anything out of the common way about it were those two guests I have mentioned, who sat by Miss Rachel on her right hand and her left.

      Every one is focus on the queen of the party as well as the moonstone. And every one is interested in the moonstone. In the later, the moonstone would be stolen. And who would be the thief might be difficult because so many people. And they may all contact with the Miss. Rachel.

    6. “I wish to God the Diamond had never found its way into this house!” I broke out.

      "I" is tired of the issues about the diamond , which influenced every one. Every one in the house become worried, upset and serious because of the diamond. Especially for"I", as a holder of the house: a old father and husband.

    7. Nothing of the sort! He had quite recovered himself, and he was in wonderful force and spirits, Penelope having informed him, I suspect, of Mr. Godfrey’s reception in the rose-garden.

      Mr. Flanklin recovered himself. i think Mr. Godfrey made him find his confidence again.“We have got three things left, sir–Love, Music, and Salad?". These sentence shew that Mr. Franklin started to believe love and life.

    8. This was a long, lean, wiry, brown, silent man. He had a weary look, and a very steady, attentive eye. It was rumoured that he was tired of the humdrum life among the people in our parts, and longing to go back and wander off on the tramp again in the wild places of the East. Except what he said to Miss Rachel about her jewel, I doubt if he spoke six words or drank so much as a single glass of wine, all through the dinner. The Moonstone was the only object that interested him in the smallest degree.

      These sentences described the appearance and character of the Mr. Murthwaite. He is a silent Indian who is only care about the Moon diamond. Associated with the story about three Indians as guards for the moon diamonds, I suppose that he may be link to the guards for the moon diamonds.

    9. There I found our nice boy again, and there I concluded to stop in my investigation.

      "I" found our nice boy again . The sentence should associate with the sentence"He was, out of all sight (as I remember him), the nicest boy that ever spun a top or broke a window. " And what the "nice" means?It is a positive word or it is just an irony. Because I could not associated "nice" with "broke a window" Emm.... And the Mr. Blake become nice boy again mostly due to the unfortunate experience?

    10. His wife died, and two of his three children died, before the tribunals could make up their minds to show him the door and take no more of his money.

      The unfortunate happened in the rich man. Maybe it could contact with the revenge of the Moonstone or just the background of the story. I think it is the reason why Mr. Blake come back. maybe he is the "man" who killed the Indians.

    11. The Moonstone will have its vengeance yet on you and yours!

      The man who killed the Indians who preserve the stone was damned by the third Indian. And the Curse would bring the unfortunate to the man and his friends or family. I think the curse would work in the later chapters. And I want to know why the man did not kill "I" immediately.

    12. One of the wildest of these stories related to a Yellow Diamond–a famous gem in the native annals of India.

      I am interested in the "Yellow Diamond", and I searched it in the Google. I found it was a diamond which was abundant in the Nitrogen element. Maybe it represents the the "Moonstone". And I think it may be a key thing in the story.