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  1. Jul 2018
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    1. So the years pass, and repeat each other; so the same events revolve in the cycles of time.

      Mr. Murthwaite expressed a different sentiment towards the Moonstone. He didn't seem to deem it as a cursed diamond, but as a magnificent gem, whose sacredness was protected by the Hindoos. In his narrative, he used several collocations repeatedly, which is in accordance with his belief that 'the same events revolve in the cycles of time'. Perhaps his attitudes towards the Moonstone could be computationally analyzed by detecting repeated collocations.

    2. Everybody wondered at the prodigious size and beauty of the Diamond, as a matter of course. But the only two of the company who said anything out of the common way about it were those two guests I have mentioned, who sat by Miss Rachel on her right hand and her left.

      Every one is focus on the queen of the party as well as the moonstone. And every one is interested in the moonstone. In the later, the moonstone would be stolen. And who would be the thief might be difficult because so many people. And they may all contact with the Miss. Rachel.