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  1. Oct 2018
    1. Frontal cortex metabolismdid not distinguish patients with antisocial per-sonality disorder from controls.

      non-distinction of patients with ASPD could skew reuslts, since not all the variables are considered

    2. self reportedaggression scale

      self-reported: bias to show their best selves

    3. patients with personality disorders(chiefly antisocial, borderline, and narcissistic)showed decreased anterior medial and leftanterior orbitofrontal metabolism, which cor-related with increased scores on a self reportedaggression scale
    4. patientswith aggressive dementia with the same degreeof cognitive and psychiatric impairments hadsignificant left anterior temporal and bilateralsuperior frontal hypoperfusion, but no signifi-cant diVerences in orbitofrontal regions
    5. antisocial personality disordershowed significant diVerences on three meas-ures: more violent crimes, more psychopathic

      "...traits, and reduced overall prefrontal grey matter volume."

      do the subjects only have antisocial personality disorder, or are there other factors that could contribute to these three? do they control for only ASPD?

    6. alcoholic subjects with an antisocialpersonality disorder had significantly greaterfrontal hypoperfusion than other alcoholicsubjects

      linking ASPD to hypoperfusion/brain injury

    7. frontal hypoperfusion

      decreased blood flow through frontal lobe

    8. prefrontal grey mat-ter volume

      damage to that area can result in pseudopsychopathic personality