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  1. Mar 2021
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    1. epresentations


    2. force control
    3. person.

      Most accidents are between robot and programmer. People who should know better but cut a corner


    4. With a kinematics-only model, position control is the only option

      I think early cobots cheated this by closely monitoring the position and maintaining slower speeds. Larger industrial robots do this too, but they had more mass in the arm and moved at higher speeds.

    5. closed chain
    6. slow

      Not only are these robots less rigid, they are heavy. Sometimes you have to slow them down because they shake the mount (often a cart). Also, the faster (and proportionally heavier) 5-6 axis robots are terrifying at full speed.

    7. You may have noticed that one of the questions above pertained to the robot’s safety for nearby humans. In some highly controlled environments, this may seem less important, but as robots interact more with humans, working collaboratively, it becomes paramount.
    8. The configuration space is not the workspace,

      I might not be intuitively understanding the contrast. Is the idea that a configuration space may include points that aren't permitted to the workspace due to limitations such as:

      • Joint collisions
      • Obstacles such as walls

      Or is the configuration space something more abstract than a simple comparison of what a robot could access vs. what is accessible?

    9. ¿fig:forms_of_electrical_power_for_actuation?
    10. Lasers
    11. that flies by flapping its wings.
    12. lake even less-so

      Depends on the wheels

    13. There’s no reason a self-driving car can’t have a robot arm

      ANSI/RIA 1506

    14. silocon


    15. being

      should be plural