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  1. May 2017
    1. According to Wright, employees with sought-after and reward-inelastically supplied skills (due to natural scarcities or socially constructed and imposed restrictions on supply, such as licensing, barriers to entry into training programs, etc.) are in a 'privileged [surplus] appropriation location within exploitation relations' because, while they are not capitalists, they are able to obtain more privileges through their relation to the owner of the means of production than less skilled workers and harder to monitor and evaluate in terms of labor effort. The owner(s) of the means of production or their employer in general therefore has to pay them a 'scarcity' or 'skill/credential' rent (thus raising their compensation above the actual cost of producing and reproducing their labor power) and tries to 'buy' their loyalty by giving them ownership stakes, endowing them with delegated authority over their fellow workers and/or allowing them to more or less be autonomous in determining the pace and direction of their work. Thus, experts, managers of experts, and executive managers tend to be closer to the interests of the 'bosses' than to other workers.

      This is an apt description of situations like: – software developpers and product managers in startups – "design thinking" and innovation teams in corporations – UX Research sytraddles the line, hence always in sway.

      Things like stock options, flexibility of defining briefs, insertion with authority into other teams…

  2. Apr 2017
    1. though there is apparently little love among faculty for e-book versions of monographs

      Why? Has anyone researched this and taken steps to address the shortcoming of "ebooks" and their reading/annotating/collecting/owning experience?

    2. has been said by many that monographs are, fundamentally, books that cannot make their own way in the market, but which are worth publishing anyway

      I would rephrase: "They are books that have difficulty recouping the costs of their publication and availability, but must be published and must be available."

  3. Aug 2016
    1. 861.00/2 - 2246: Telegram The Charge in the Soviet Union (Kennan) to the Secretary of State SECRET
    2. The very disrespect of Russians for objective truth--indeed, their disbelief in its existence--leads them to view all stated facts as instruments for furtherance of one ulterior purpose or another.

      Very revealing. Is this evidence of asian cultural influence?

  4. May 2016
    1. Mike Davies’s fascinating book ‘Magicial Urbanism’ (2000),

      Published by and available through Verso Books

    2. ‘academic’ in the contemporary sense, and so co-designed, collaborative, located on the ground, and outputting accumulated learning through numerous channels.

      A very nice reframing of the term. Useful.