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  1. Sep 2021
    1. Before the hissing funeral pyre, floating down the river, white blocks of what looks like detergent appear like icebergs

      Why do people in Delhi drink river water knowing that the end is polluted?

    2. irrigate

      to supply (land, crops, etc.) with water by artificial means

    3. accountable

      subject to giving an account

    4. gainst pouring raw sewage into storm drains and against the illegal cultivation of crops on the contaminated floodplain.
    5. When this underserved population openly defecates, Delhi Water Board CEO Keshav Chandra says the waste finds its way into drains that dump directly into the river

      defecation in the water is one of the causes of water pollution.

    6. funeral pyre

      It is one of the reasons that lead to water pollution.

    7. The water contains a concentration of 1.1 billion fecal coliform bacteria per 100 milliliters of water

      There was a village in my city that got polluted and showed similar of pollution.

    8. But

      It show us the e differences The Yamuna River is clear water and quickly turns into dirty water.

    9. and

      Show us two actions he is done at same time "He clambers out, tugs on some clothes and, magician-like, pulls the coins "

    10. his


    11. It

      A fire