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  1. Apr 2018
    1. To clarify the statistical statement presented above, it

      Great way of adding is mutli-modialty but throughout the passages you did do much explain on what they mean.

    2. The fact of the matter is t

      What is this suppose to mean?

    3. Epidemic

      What epidemic?

  2. Mar 2018
    1. Visual

      The visual mode refers to images and characterics in which people see. The mode includes color, size and perspective. The visual mode is used to represent feelings for other people. This mode also can expressing details.

    2. he word multimoda/ is a mash-up of multiple and mode. A mode is a way of communicating, such as the words we're using to explain our Ideas in this paragraph or the images we use throughout this book to illustrate various concepts. Multimodal describes how we combine multipl

      In the Golden Vinyl they use mutlimodal modes to are used to describe something without using words, so that people can interpret it in there own way.

    3. aural mode focuses on sound. Whether we are talking about a speech, a video demonstration, sound effects on a Web site, or the audio elements of a radio program, the aural mode provides multiple ways of communicating and understanding a message, including: • music • sound effects • ambient noise/sounds • silence • tone of voice in spoken language • volume of sound • emphasis and accent

      In the Article "Forty Years Later the Golden Record Goes Vinyl" the author uses aural commincation such as " popular songs, sounds from nature, photographs, spoken greetings in dozens of human languages and one whale language" to allow our psychological state to believe we are hearing waves of some.

    4. ltngu1stte, visual, aural, gestural, and spatial-which they found could be

      In "Forty Years Later, the Golden Record Goes Vinyl" is an interesting article because it incorporates three of the five mutlimodal modes which are linguistic, visual, and aural. The Golden Record originally was not intended for human consumption but after several years later it was. The Golden Record was created in several different languages so that many people would be able to understand.

    5. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ " ~ ~ ~ ~; ;J ~ el~ ~~ el~ ~ ~ cl j e ~ 9, cl -, c13 sl, ill:" .. Academic essays, biology posters, statistical PowerPolnt presenta-tions, lolcats ... what do all of these texts have in common? They are all multimodal.

      "Forty Years Later, the Golden Record Goes Vinyl" is my supplemental text, which is an online article about sound recordings. This record was a way David used multi modality to communicate with others.

    1. Voyager record

      The voyager record represents us as humans, the purpose of this was to relate the message to someone who doesn't even live on Earth hence "aliens". This can also be compared to the aids project in which we are supposed to create a post so that someone who knows nothing about it can understand it based on the information you provide to them.

    2. They may go unheard forever. But that doesn’t really matter to Pescovitz.

      They use modality so that they don;t have to use words, it provides people with the chance to create there own meaning.

    3. Notes from the time of the record’s original production were sometimes lacking or wrong, and online searches for some of the names listed turned up obituaries instead of contact information.

      Doing additional research can help one find a different way to interpret and help give a different meaning to the object.

    4. Getting the rights to songs from major record labels or images from national publications was easy, since such institutions usually have a process in place.

      In some achieving the right aural mode of communication can help improve the way in which one may interpret and understanding what it's trying to tell them.

    5. The gold-plated versions, meanwhile, are hurtling away from Earth are more than 35,000 miles per hour, looking for an audience.

      They are using this visual, linguistic, and aural mode of communication to reach a larger audience.

    6. archivist eventually found the tapes sitting in an underground, climate-controlled warehouse in western Pennsylvania.

      It must have been hard to find because it is underground.

    7. the Golden Record

      The golden record provides a visual mode of communication because it is what people see.

    8. Using audio from the original tapes from the 1970s, a small team in California has put the Golden Record on vinyl for the first time.

      This is another aural part because it only uses music and sounds.

    9. The Voyager Golden Record was never really intended for human consumption. The target audience for the contents—popular songs, sounds from nature, photographs, spoken greetings in dozens of human languages and one whale language—was, and still is, an alien civilization capable of deciphering the instructions on the cover to learn about one small world in the universe.

      Ball states that in aural mode of communication that it provide multiple ways of communicating and understanding something. Through aural text we can communicate through emotions and feelings.

    10. The audio comes from the original tapes that sat untouched in an underground warehouse since the Voyager launched in 1977.

      This Provides both Aural and Linguistic modes of communication. Aural because it's forty years later and it goes vinyl.

  3. Jan 2018
    1. polishedinterpretiveanalysis

      should have an argument and be clear.

    2. Althoughyourannotatedbibliographyneedlistnomorethanahandfulofreferencesatthispoint

      Provides more room for error or merely more information.

    3. Onewaywerespondtowhatweseeinorexperienceofanobjectamountstointellectualdetectivework

      Senses response; visual, tactile, oral... etc.

    4. Asameanstothisend,avoidingtheverbtobe(inallitsforms:is,are,thereis,thereare)willhelptomakevisiblethematically-chargedspatialandfunctionalcomplexitiesotherwiseflattenedorobscured.JosephKoerner,inarguing,hereagaininthecaseofvisualimages,thatsuchdescriptionoffers“thebestaccess”toexperiencinganobjectwithimmediacy,notesthatevocativedescriptioncan“register”thewayanobject“functionsforoneparticularobserver.

      Visual imaging help us understand more of what's going on. With 3-D printing we can make that connect by feeling it.

    5. Speakingofpictures,forwhichwemightSubstituteobjects,MichaelBaxandallhasnoted:“Wedonotexplainpictures:weexplainremarksaboutpictures-orrather,weexplainpicturesonlyinsofaraswehaveconsideredthemundersomeverbaldescriptionorspecification...Everyevolvedexplanationofapictureincludesorimpliesanelaboratedescriptionofthatpicture.”Descriptionprovidesthebridgebetweentherealmofthematerialandthatofconceptsandideas

      We only explain a picture based on our beliefs and understanding of it .

    6. Prowngoesontosuggestthat“themostpersistentobjectmetaphorsexpressiveofbelief”seemembeddedinpolarities,includingbutnotlimitedtothefollowing:

      In 3-D printing the makers movement is a problem many struggle with, it's a constant debate between creating something from scratch or printing something because to don't want to have to go to the store to buy it.

    7. totheseobjects'culturalsignificance;attentionnotjusttowhattheymightbesaidtosignifybut,asimportantly,tohowtheymightbesaidtosignify;totheirgerundialmeaning(activeverbform:tobringmeaningintobeing),totheuaytheymean,bothphenomenologicallyandmetaphorically

      Doing further research to understand the impact of a certain object on others.

    8. Whatquestionsaremostfruitfultoaskinone'sworkwithanobjectandhowmightonebestgoaboutaskingthem?

      Ts questions is important because not only is it insightful but it also connects to our Aids quilt project.

    9. etymological

      Origin of words and thier meanings

    10. maginativeintervention

      Connection to "3-D print your way to freedom and prosperity." Where as 3-D printing is an imaginative intervention.

    11. Essays in Material Culture

      The supplemental text I'm have chosen to apply to this text would be "3-D print your way to freedom and prosperity" by Jathan Sadowski. Which is an online news article that contains pictures. Unlike the Haltman's text it can be updated and viewed by millions. In both text the idea of polarity comes to play in the Halthman's text it is referred to as an objective metaphor. Whereas, the Sadowski article refers to it as the "maker" movement.

    1. Print your own destruction

      The downfall of 3-D printing is that people can create things without the governments knowledge. An example stated in this paragraph would be the creation of a "3-D-printed handgun".

    2. Micro-factory

      With having 3-D printing it takes away the jobs of those in the factories creating this things we will now be "printing". In doing this we are taking away jobs but creating hobbies.

    3. Makers and takers

      The makers movement represents both individualism and economic values.

    4. the Californian Ideology

      The Californian Ideology basically defines the idea of free spirit as a result decreases the powers of both the nation and the state.

    5. downside

      The downside of 3-D printing is that everyone will be able to do it.

    6. President Barack Obama, in his 2013 State of the Union address

      President Obama believed that tools like 3-D printing would be very useful for things we do in our everyday lives.

    7. 3-D print your way to freedom and prosperity

      3-D printing is the process of creating an object that is new, by breaking something down and then fabricating it into something of use. This process is very convenient and fast. Unlike the Haltman's essay this discusses the effects of 3-D printing on both social and economical scales.

    8. harbinger

      A person that announces the forerunner.

    9. “maker” movement

      Is the idea of one creating something new, instead of going out to buy it.