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  1. Nov 2020
    1. ow-SES people,

      I think this evidence is a result of the the main claim of the government not being able to help low income families and students, leading to discrimination from society and fits well into the essay.

    2. e “concentrated disadvantage” of living in low-income communities—whereconditions such as unhealthy air and water, overpopulated living arrangements, a lack of healthyfood, and few play areas are common—contributes to the strugg

      I think this piece of evidence provides a good backing point to the main claim of the essay and plays really well with the analysis and the source being used in this paragraph.

    3. iter Tori DeAngelis defines

      I like how the author gives some background to the main issue of her work, but I feel like they could have done more explaining on the "government side" of the issue as stated in her essay.

    4. Says US Civil Rights Commission,” National Public Radio writer CoryTurner says the commission found that funding varies too much among different schools,districts, and states, “especially when research shows that students living in poverty often showup to school needing extra help and extra resources.”

      I like how the author uses this source to prove her claim that the US government has not done enough to close the gap between low and high income schools and further explains that the issue is much more complex than just equal funding because of the discrepancy of the resources presented to the two scenarios.