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  1. Oct 2018
    1. Some of the participants may also still be learning how use the first smartphone they have ever owned and might not yet know how to transfer an image on that device to another device

      So if they are creating work on a digital platform, the teacher can give options for how to do it so as to tap into different abilities of a student.

    1. Creating hanging indents for their Works Cited entries, including a running header on all of their pages, and even learning how to double space their work could be an obstacle for those students.

      Yes, it teachers value this type of format, they should spend time on it. I prefer to focus on the writing and just have them cut and paste the first semester.

    2. In sum, students rated themselves as Internet experts even though their use was largely consumption, not creation.

      my exact point from earlier. Students do not realize how passive they are in their computer use.

    3. it appears that those participants who used the Internet more often every day were more likely to rank their level of expertise higher.

      interesting if this is true or if students just believe it to be true to justify all their time on a computer

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    1. the activities the participants claimed they used a computer to complete during their average day.

      Interesting that most of these are passive activities--watching TV and buying items. Uploading photos might be the most complex tasks students have done.

    1. discover other ways of knowing

      or to express other ways to communicate information as through images