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  1. Apr 2019
    1. expressed through many different mediums: rituals, ceremonies, paintings, poems, drama, oral texts such as prayers and music such as hymns, symphonies and folk songs

      in the case of the transparency myth, we see it built into the very institution of the Court, glass everywhere, social media use, etc.

    2. or Christians this myth is believed to be the natural condition of the world, something they take for granted in their everyday lives

      transparency also as a natural condition accepted

    3. As the famous French philosopher Roland Barthes said myth is, in its most basic form, a special type of speech.* What he meant was that a myth isn’t just a genre of stories, its a way of saying something. According to Barthes, the special trick of myth is to present an ethos, ideology or set of values as if it were a natural condition of the world, when in fact its no more than another limited, man-made perspective. A myth doesn’t describe the natural state of the world, but expresses the intentions of its teller, be that a storyteller, priest, artist, journalist, filmmaker, designer or politician.
  2. Mar 2019
    1. article 14 should be amended topermit a defendant83to refer his or her case to the Court on theground that the national proceeding will not provide him or her withdue process

      interesting idea

    1. The unwilling/unable tests arise only where there are national proceedings. The tests are exceptionally onerous because they circumscribe when the ICC may supercede actual national proceedings, displacing a State that claims to act.

      super important