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    1. SONG Ah, Jenny, gen your Eyes do kill, You’ll let me tell my Pain; Gued Faith, I lov’d against my Will, But wad not break my Chain. I ence was call’d a bonny Lad, Till that fair Face of yours Betray’d the Freedom ence I had, And ad my bleether howers.  But noo ways me like Winter looks, My gloomy showering Eyne, And on the Banks of shaded Brooks I pass my wearied time. I call the Stream that gleedeth on, To witness if it see, On all the flowry Brink along, A Swain so true as Iee.

      This two verse song by Aphra Behn would have been considered a "Scotch Jig". It was set to the tune of "Ah, Jenny Gin" (Ebsworth).

      Sheet music published between 1719-20.

      Sheet Music 1 Sheet Music 2

      (National Library of Scotland)

    2. we live in a cold Climate

      *The Frozen Thames* by Abraham Hondius

      This is a reference to the Little Ice Age, a time period roughly "between 1300 and 1870" when the winter climate of Europe and North America was significantly colder than that of the 20th century. (Environmental History Resources).

      Winter Severity in Europe

    3. Cavalier

      A term for a 17th century Royalist; “a name given to those who fought on the side of Charles I in the war between him and the Parliament” (OED).

    4. Swain

      A servant or an attendant, usually male. (OED)