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  1. Oct 2018
    1. She was also among the activists who pressurised a billboard company to remove a poster in Liverpool, which said the dictionary definition of “woman” was an “adult human female” because it was offensive.

      More transgender extremism.

  2. Jun 2018
  3. Mar 2018
    1. "Interestingly, though our results are preliminary, there are no major traces of genetic ancestry in these early inhabitants of Bavaria that might have come from soldiers of the Roman army,"
    1. When we ask someone for an opinion that person takes a half step back from us and becomes a critic.” Instead of using the word opinion, you should ask for advice on your plan. “That person takes a half step forward because the word ‘advice’ asks for their collaboration.”
    2. “[Trump voters] don’t want to believe that they were stupid,” he says. “Cognitive dissonance research shows that the more consequential your error, the less willing you are to believe it was an error, because that undercuts your view of yourself as a good decision maker.”
    1. a return to elitist institutions that disenfranchised more people than they included.

      Elitist? How? There is nothing inherently elitist about a convention of delegates charged with selecting a leader. That's how any representative body works. Turnbull makes some very good points in favour of the traditional way of electing a leader but appears afraid to pursue the logic of her argument.