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  1. Nov 2017
    1. ethnic authenticity but on certifiable knowledge, skill, and expe-rience

      a change in the idea of authenticity

    2. Catholic officials who certified the relic

      I can use this in my essay

    3. , are able to grant or reject the authenticityclaim

      the other half of authenticity

    4. Hank Williams Jr

      love this guy

    5. provides an excellent exampleof remaining true to the authentic self one has create

      country music and authenticity ... hmmm

    6. presentation of self one claims and

      this is what I want the core of my argument to be in my essay. that what one says ought to be what one does and behaves as.

    7. people can join without having any of these characteristics

      I think the argument here is that people are more authentic now because they can better chose the groups that they identify with

    8. authenticity by immersing them-selves in what they take to be authentic experiences

      authenticity is subjective to the person

    9. whether the artist is untouched by influ-ences from the fine art world

      in this context authenticity = originality

    10. Authenticity through group identity is a construct that is elastic.

      this could definitely be used in my essay. this idea that authenticity in a groups identity is critical. That each individual can decide or find their identity through the group as it is either inauthentically or authentically identified.

    11. 950s commercial country musi

      we've talked about this already. could be a good spot to go back to in the essay.

    12. For example, in the case of opera and theatrical per-formances, the criterion of excellence is not whether an actor is authentic butwhether she can sublimate her own personhood in order to act the part demandedby the particular role.

      it seems that is the way the media is covered today. who cares if it is authentic news when it could be "FAKE NEWS" instead

    13. The debate over authenticity or contrivance of teen-oriented rock bands hasraged ever since the Beatles became famous for singing their own songs

      to say there is a "new" Beatles band such as "one direction" or boy bands such as this implies a sense of inauthenticity. For something to be authentic there is an implied originality to the thing such as a band. this could also be used in my essay.

    14. Such fabrications are hardly unique to the contemporary era. As the authorsanthologized by Hobsbawm and Ranger (1983) show, similar large scale efforts tofabricate authenticity took place in the 19th century.

      This is an interesting concept. I think a big problem with authenticity today is there is an increase in polemics of authenticity because we are so often fooled by lies of being true. This accounts for my upbringing of being weary of ads and salesmen. All claim to have an authentic product but not telling the truth when they say it. This could definitely be used in my paper.

  2. Oct 2017
    1. ornamentation. Glazing,

      two words that have links to the words inauthentic or myth. not necessarily false but not completely true at the same time. its like gilded jewelry

    2. The 'substantial' category which prevails in this type of cooking is that of the smooth coating:

      This is the author making note of the inauthenticity in cooking food for its appearance.

    3. To eat steak rare therefore represents both a nature and a morality.

      So what does it say about Donald trump?

    4. saignant (when it recalls the arterial flow from the cut in the animal's throat), or bleu (and it is now the heavy, plethoric, blood of the veins which is suggested by the purplish colour - the superlative of redness).

      I started to get hungry until this part...

    5. t exalts all climates, of whatever kind: in cold weather, it is associated with all the myths of becoming warm, and at the height of summer, with all the images of shade, with all things cool and sparkling. There is no situation involving some physical constraint (temperature, hunger, boredom, compulsion, disorientation) which does not give rise to dreams of wine.

      This is the myth he was talking about earlier. The grass is greener on the other side

    6. Other countries drink to get drunk, and this is accepted by everyone; in France, drunkenness is a consequence, never an intentio

      I would argue that a lot of European countries are this way. You drink for the taste of a beer in Germany. Scotch is fabulous in Ireland. Maybe in America the idea is to get drunk when drinking but this seems to me to be an extremely European value.

    1. we're not willing tospend the time or money it takes to be thoughtful about our consumption ofspend the time or money it takes to be thoughtful about our consumption ofthese foods. We can say what we want about all of these ethnic or foreignthese foods

      I would agree with this. but this guy is cynical about it. why pay more for some "authentic" Chinese food when I can get some fried rice from the neighbor hood restaurant for under 10$. hell if sushi were cheaper I would be doing the same thing! I have a feeling that I am particularly biased against this though as I am a college student just looking for the cheapest meal. I can see where more Americans have this prejudice against certain types of food.

    2. United States, and yet most of us are unwilling to pay more than$10 for Chinese food.$10 for Chinese food.

      I am unwilling to pay more than 10$ for most food. Actually I don't want to usually pay more than $8.50

    3. The same can be said of Indian, and in many ways it's even truer. Mostcheap Indian food is made by Bangladeshis and Pakistanis, and most Indiancheap Indian food is made by Bangladeshis and Pakistanis, and most Indianfood here is cheap. Of course, people don't realize that. But it's true. Morefood here is cheap. Of course, people don't realize that. But it's true. Morethan 70 percent of the Indian restaurants in New York City, for instance, arethan 70 percent of the Indian restaurants in New York City, for instance, arenot run by Indians. They are run by Bangladeshi and Pakistaninot run by Indians. They are run by Bangladeshi and Pakistanirestaurateurs.restaurateurs.

      is it wrong for them to brand a restaurant as such though? the point is to bring in customers not "be authentic" to them. if the customer is pleased what is the problem?

    4. If it appears to be authentic, it isauthentic to us.authentic to us

      how else can something be authentic? by what others tell us? no I think authenticity derives from being true to the self. and if the self has a limited knowledge on the subject then why is that to blame for such an assumption?

    5. salt, butter, and fat.

      sounds like America to me!... am I right?

    6. It's the fact that we are not willing to pay the same price to get the samelevel of quality. And frankly, that's why you get so much crappy foreign foodlevel of quality.

      we are willing to pay 10 for sushi rolls here but only pay 99 cents for a bowl of ramen. I feel you man

    7. When we call a food ethnic, we are signifying a difference but also a certainkind of inferiority. French cuisine has never been defined as ethnic.kind of inferiority.

      ethnicity has a strong tie to the word foreign.

    8. Food that isn't associated with whites will be calledethnic.ethnic

      I would argue that food that isn't associated with American is called ethnic food. Often I see the sign for German food labeled in an aisle but most people take German to mean "white". This goes back to earlier when Ferdman said what isn't americanized is considered "ethnic".

    9. ame prestige we treat others, is not nearly as authentic as weimagine it to be.imagine it to be.

      this begs the question whether or not authentic food is based on how high we put a value on it

  3. Sep 2017
    1. THE POLITICS OF RECOGNITIONdefine our identity always in dialogue with, sometimes instruggle against, the things our significant others want to seein us

      we establish what our identity is by talking with ourselves (the construction created by our perception of what others think of ourselves. so of course its going to be a contained idea of what our identity is)

    2. People do not acquire the languagesneeded for self-definition on their own

      Interesting assertion. We don't have the language to comment properly on how we are originally. Its like trying to refer to things in only the present tense as if time had no relevance. We only learn about ourselves through other people so how can we truly be authentic?

    3. By definition, this way of being cannot be sociallyderived, but must be inwardly generated

      so it seems that we've always been "socially inwardly looking at ourselves"

    4. socially derived identification, however, isthe ideal of authenticity itself.

      the blue pill

    5. Being true to myself means being true to my own original-ity, which is something only I can articulate and discover. Inarticulating it, I am also defining myself. I am realizing a po-tentiality that is properly my own.

      James is using his own voice here (first person narrative) to explain a side. Its familiar to the they say I say example.

    6. It greatly increases the importance of thisself-contact by introducing the principle of originality: eachof our voices has something unique to say

      can we be original if we set out to be different?

    7. eachperson has his or her own “measure.

      each person is original. blank slate kind of deal

    8. ean-Jacques Roussea

      hey I know this guy!! Taylor utilizes this allusion to draw credibility to his argument about authenticity.

    9. Thus some feminists have argued that women in patriar-chal societies have been induced to adopt a depreciatoryimage of themselves. They have internalized a picture oftheir own inferiority,

      This is evidence of misgiven identity and as a result suffer because of it. This is a great example of where people think there is a link between what one's identity is and what recognition as a person is.

    1. The confession has spread its effects far and wide. It plays a part in justice, medicine, education, family relationships, and love relations, in the most ordinary affairs of everyday life, and in the most solemn rites; one confesses one's crimes, one's sins, one's thoughts and desires, one's illnesses and troubles

      I think here there is a distinction between the word honesty and confession. Foucoult I think is establishing confession as something that is long and drawn out. Something that has a lot of dramatic hang time. But the word honesty could be substituted in place of confession in this passage. in fact id go as far to say that honesty has always had a part in justice, medicine, education, and family relationships. Not confessions. I think Foucault is adding something here that was already here. there was already honesty in all these things, but not necessarily the dramatic confessions that are seen in EVERY MTV reality tv show.

    2. hence a metamorphosis in literature: we have passed from a pleasure to be recounted and heard, centering on the heroic or marvelous narration of "trials" of bravery or saint· hood, to a literature ordered according to the infinite task of extracting from the depths of oneself, in between the words, a truth which the very form of the confession holds out like a shimmering mirage.


    3. the thoughts that recapitulated it, the obsessions that accom-panied it, the images, desires, modulations, and quality of the pleasure that animated it. For the first time no doubt, a society has taken upon itself to solicit and hear the imparting of individual pleasures.

      this reminds me of the general scene of the solitary reaper (will finish this in a minute)

  4. Aug 2017
    1. antithesis

      opposite argument

    2. It will easily be perceived, that the only part of this Sonnet which is of any value is the lines printed in Italics; it is equally obvious, that, except in the rhyme, and in the use of the single word ’fruitless’ for fruitlessly, which is so far a defect, the language of these lines does in no respect differ from that of prose.

      The author contends that poetry and prose are basically one in the same. Later the speaker argues that in writing poetry it is hard not to use metric language to write, these two forms being inseparable and impossible to avoid the connection between them even if it were desired.

    3. Metrical composition

      by metric composition the speaker means poetry

    4. As sensibility to harmony of numbers, and the power of producing it, are invariably attendants upon the faculties above specified, nothing has been said upon those requisites.

      Wordsworths motive in this side note is to not drive away part of his audience. he is writing to other poets at the time this preface was written and wishes to expand what poetry can be. As such he needs other poets to be on agreeing what he says or at least try his different style of poetry. #2

    5. ostentatiously

      this word means pretentiously

    1. 2. “I know my heart, and have studied mankind. I am not made like anyone else I have been acquainted with, perhaps like no one in existence; if not better, I at least claim originality, and whether Nature did wisely in breaking the mold with which she formed me, can only be determined after having read this work.”

      Through all of these quotes I am reminded of the word fake. It seems like the word fake is echoed in this quote as well. When I think of the word fake I remember the book Catcher in the Rye. The other of this quote is asserting that he is different and original. In fact the author infers that he or she is of a higher quality because of his or her quirkiness. I think these speaks numbers to the fact that every other quote was mentioning fakiness being associated with similar to others. People play a part to fit in and be a part of society. The author contends that since he or she is unique they are better than other people thus exhibited in his work.