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  1. Dec 2015
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    1. Bugbear

      Weiditz Hans

    2. Sir Nicholas Gett−all

      A character possibly crafted around a person at the time but no definitive information was found to support this.

    3. dead Lift

      A position or juncture in which one can do no more, an extremity, ‘a hopeless exigence’ (Johnson). Usually in phrase at a dead lift. (Very common in the 17th c.: now arch. or dial.) (OED)

    4. pick−thank

      A person who curries favour with another, esp. by informing against someone else; a flatterer, a sycophant; a telltale. (OED)

    5. ‘Slife

      An abbreviation of God's life (see god n. and int.Phrases 3b(a)) used as a petty oath or exclamation. (OED)