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    1. Methu â gweld y coed gan brennau

      Failing to see the forest for the trees (or the wood for trees).

      Wood = Pren<br /> Trees = Coed<br /> Forest = Coedwig

    2. R.E Jones in his book Idiomau Cymraeg
  4. Jul 2022
  5. Jun 2022
    1. before you can think out of the box, you have tostart with a box

      Can it be?! Twyla Tharp has an entire chapter in her book on creativity that covers a variation of the zettelkasten note taking concept!!!

      Does the phrase "thinking outside of the box" make a tacit nod to the idea of using a card index (or the German zettelkasten) for note taking, sense making, and thinking?

    1. Baby, I'm cookin' with gas

      A lyric from "I Can Cook Too" written by Leonard Bernstein which appears in the 1944 Broadway musical "On the Town" sung by Nancy Walker and later in the 1949 film.


      I heard it last night at the end of the final episode of Julia S1, E8 Chocolate Souffle (May 5, 2022).


    1. The phrase "now you're coking with gas" was coined by American Gas Association publicist Carroll Everard "Deke" Houlgate. Deke's son indicated that his father "planted it with Bob Hope's writers" and it was ultimately used in one of his radio shows. From there it turned into one of his catchphrases and it was adopted by others including The Jack Benny Program and Maxwell House Coffee Time.

      Incidentally, Houlgate was also a football journalist who devised the first college football rankings methodology that determined the national champions from 1929 to 1958.

      Is this the same Houlgate, or perhaps his son who played for USC Trojans in the 1931 and 1932 Rose Bowl games?

      References: (see also and check...) - A Way With Words co-host Martha Barnette https://soundcloud.com/waywordradio/now-youre-cooking-with-gas

    1. https://www.b98.tv/video/wise-quacking-duck/

      "Say. Now you're cooking with gas." Daffy Duck in an oven bathing himself in gravy.

      The Wise Quacking Duck Warner Bros. (1943)<br /> Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Bob Clampett. <br /> Released on May 1, 1943

  6. May 2022
    1. You can read the “Effort” axis as whatever you like here; size, complexity, resource consumption, maintenance burden.

      Hey, look, it's an actually good example of the "steep learning curve".

      (I never understood why people insist that referring to it as a steep curve is wrong; clearly the decisions about your axes are going to have an impact on the thing. It seems that everyone who brings this up is insisting on laying out their graph the wrong way and implicitly arguing that other people need to take responsibility for it.)

  7. Feb 2021
  8. Dec 2020
    1. After the famous comedian Bob Hope popularized the catchphrase “now you’re cooking with gas!” on his 1930s-era radio show, the slogan became synonymous with “modern, efficient, clean.”

      Never knew Hope was the progenitor of this idiom.

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    1. forelock

      Regarded as a piece of a horse-harness (OED).

      To take fortune, also regarded as time, by the forelock means to sieze an opportunity. (Oxford Dictionaries)

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    1. Jack−sauce

      "Jack-sauce" n. Obs. a saucy or impudent fellow. (OED online)

      Image Description

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    1. dead Lift

      A position or juncture in which one can do no more, an extremity, ‘a hopeless exigence’ (Johnson). Usually in phrase at a dead lift. (Very common in the 17th c.: now arch. or dial.) (OED)