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  1. May 2022
    1. You can read the “Effort” axis as whatever you like here; size, complexity, resource consumption, maintenance burden.

      Hey, look, it's an actually good example of the "steep learning curve".

      (I never understood why people insist that referring to it as a steep curve is wrong; clearly the decisions about your axes are going to have an impact on the thing. It seems that everyone who brings this up is insisting on laying out their graph the wrong way and implicitly arguing that other people need to take responsibility for it.)

  2. Feb 2021
  3. Dec 2020
    1. After the famous comedian Bob Hope popularized the catchphrase “now you’re cooking with gas!” on his 1930s-era radio show, the slogan became synonymous with “modern, efficient, clean.”

      Never knew Hope was the progenitor of this idiom.

  4. Oct 2020
  5. Jul 2020
  6. May 2020
  7. Dec 2015
  8. cityheiress.sfsuenglishdh.net cityheiress.sfsuenglishdh.net
    1. forelock

      Regarded as a piece of a horse-harness (OED).

      To take fortune, also regarded as time, by the forelock means to sieze an opportunity. (Oxford Dictionaries)

  9. cityheiress.sfsuenglishdh.net cityheiress.sfsuenglishdh.net
    1. Jack−sauce

      "Jack-sauce" n. Obs. a saucy or impudent fellow. (OED online)

      Image Description

  10. cityheiress.sfsuenglishdh.net cityheiress.sfsuenglishdh.net
    1. dead Lift

      A position or juncture in which one can do no more, an extremity, ‘a hopeless exigence’ (Johnson). Usually in phrase at a dead lift. (Very common in the 17th c.: now arch. or dial.) (OED)