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  1. Mar 2018
    1. the wife I had sought and won with such perfect love.

      It seems like he has no concept of how unnecessarily dramatic their courtship was.

    2. was-- strength

      more frequent hyphen use

    3. I became the husband of Bertha.

      This romance is such a fast paced roller coaster of emotions. It's very hard to keep up with the characters and their motives.

    4. Winzy!

      Is this his name, or is that a phrase?

    5. and lifted above all human fears;

      This is fascinating, as it implies that all human fears are derived from love.

    6. vessel--the

      This paragraph has a lot of hyphen use.

    7. he who could not be in two places at once for her sake.

      This girl needs to chill. I have no concept of what her motives are. She's clearly manipulating him, but why? He is having to work hard for his income. There are doubtless other suitors who could give her the lifestyle and attention she desires without having to choose one or the other. Her attitude makes it clear that she isn't interested in him for love either, no matter how much she says she is. She's playing multiple suitors, as evidenced with this Hoffer dude. Clearly she can get almost any man she wants, so why is she bothering the main character?

    8. Though true of heart,

      That statement is so vague, as if he is trying to convince himself that it is true.

    9. --my hair stood on end:--

      Shelley uses hyphens/dashes frequently in this text

    10. alchymist's abode.

      more alliteration

    11. foul fiend

      Here, Shelley uses alliteration to emphasize

    12. Immortal.

      Here, "Immortal" is capitalized and used as a noun, where as in the next line it is not capitalized and used as an adjective.