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  1. Mar 2018
    1. the more I live, the more I dread death, even while I abhor life

      I don't know if this counts as a chiasmus, but regardless the contrasting ideas are interesting!

    2. My youth was a disease

      Most the philosophy/ ideas I've heard about immortality suggest that it is not ideal. So it's interesting that along with the theme of the story (at least the one I assume is developing about the downfall of immortality) is suggested by Bertha

    3. I verily believe that the poor soul loved me truly in her heart, but never had woman so tormenting a mode of displaying fondness.

      Just as she had been extremely difficult in the beginning. Their sudden love, marriage, and happy relationship up until she started aging is so weird considering all the other animosity.

    4. But I lived, and was to live for ever!

      Maybe it's because he only drank half that he is (maybe) starting to age now.

    5. I no longer loved--Oh! no, I adored--worshipped--idolized her!

      The use of punctuation like this is seen several times throughout the story. Makes it funny!

    6. we had been neighbours and playmates from infancy--her parents, like mine, were of humble life, yet respectable--our attachment had been a source of pleasure to them.

      This is just like Frankenstein and his wife. Interesting choice since this has already pointed back at Frankenstein with the line under the title.