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  1. Sep 2016
    1. concern with the meaning of actions and events to the people we seek to understand

      ethnography- learning about other people

    2. Our culture has a large body of shared knowledge that people learn and use to engage in this behavior called rea

      cultural knowledge example

    3. discover how these mountain people identified relatives and friends

      insider view vs. outsider view

    4. Ethnography is the work of discovering and describing a particular culture;

      ethnography definition- discovering and describing a culture

    5. Members of two different groups ob-served the same event, but their interpretations were drastically different.

      interpretations are based on backgrounds

    6. cultural behavior, cultural knowledge, and cultural arti-facts

      three aspects of culture

    7. She would watch the more than 1,600 students crowd into the post office area to open their tiny mailboxes, and

      small things in daily life can give you information too

    8. Discovering the insider’s view is a different spe-cies of knowledge from one that rests mainly on the outsider’s view, eve

      inside view gives you more detailed information than looking from the outside

    9. cultural artifacts

      things people make or shape from natural resources

    10. almost universal belief that all people define the real world of objects, events, and living creatures in pretty much the same way.

      naive realism

    11. meanings

      you have to be immersed in culture to learn it

    12. The central aim of ethnography is to understand another way of life from the native point of view.

      You want to learn the way of life as accurately as you can

    13. Ethnography is the work of describing a culture

      Ethnography definition