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  1. Jan 2018
    1. watch the first episode on Morning Rituals.

      I really enjoyed the first episode and its commentary on our daily routines. I used to find myself waking up, too, and immediately going online & on social media - recently, I've been trying to break the habit, and not make it the first thing I do. But I guess the real question, and also sad part, is that so much of our life is connected to our digital personas, so how far can we really remove ourselves from it? If we don't check our email or Twitter first thing in the morning, what important information (either related to our work or our school) are we missing?

      It sucks that so much of our life is so attached to social media, in that we have to give ourselves (our privacy, our information, our careers) to digital space; consequently, as Brett discusses, that same necessary input of our own personal information is then used to the benefit of companies who want to buy access to our lives to sell us shit.

  2. Apr 2017
    1. shooting skin tight women’s T-shirts

      You think it comes in size XS?? I feel like a lot of companies don't think about thin people when they create their clothing... ): very unprofessional and adds to the skinny-shaming culture in our society

    2. spot the stereotypes, the nonwhites, and the gays

      if you're asking me, I think the commercial went too overboard with this Diversity Bingo™! Needs more heterosexual white men, if you ask me... the media doesn't do them justice enough today.

    3. headscarf

      Headscarf - a classy touch, da, and becomes a very generalized representation of different cultures and religious affiliations. Smart for PepsiCo to save so much money and make everyone feel included (so important to goaafy society these days, after all).

    4. Doritos #AllChipsMatter

      I'm glad that they're realizing that all chips are equal and deserve to be included in this statement. Even though Doritos are dominating the market and virtually need no more advertising to ensure their success, supporting and including them is just as important as supporting and including their less successful and oppressed marketing brother, Bickel's ™ chips.