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  1. Sep 2018
    1. For to imprint anything on the mind without the mind’s perceiving it, seems to me hardly intelligible.

      The theory of the unconscious mind opposes this view

    2. These have so settled a reputation of maxims universally received, that it will no doubt be thought strange if any one should seem to question it. But yet I take liberty to say, that these propositions are so far from having an universal assent, that there are a great part of mankind to whom they are not so much as known.

      Is Locke asserting that Identity is not a universal feature of experience?

    3. Universal consent proves nothing innate. This argument, drawn from universal consent, has this misfortune in it, that if it were true in matter of fact, that there were certain truths wherein all mankind agreed, it would not prove them innate, if there can be any other way shown how men may come to that universal agreement, in the things they do consent in, which I presume may be done.

      Assuming a dichotomy of innate vs acquired, can a truly universal thing be subject to this test? If it is ubiquitous, no space/time where it wasn't so, and there are no instances where it is consciously acquired, is it not functionally innate?

      An example would be the idea of physical orientation, "Left vs Right". They are near-universal aspects of experience that are absent (as far as we can tell) only in some people with neurological disorders.

    1. ncreasingly, we are codifying knowledge in an egalitarian,open, bottom-up way, usingWikipediaand a variety of other open resources.Whatarewetomakeofthis?Isitagoodthing?Wheredowegofromhere?

      This is relevant to our TQ project. We face the same question.

    1. Furthermore, drugs targeting the gut-liver axis (e.g. intregrin blockers such as vedolizumab, antibiotics) appear promising, based on the close link of PSC to inflammatory bowel disease and the emerging relevance of the gut microbiome for the development of PSC.

      This doesn't mention Vancomycin. Is Vanco an integrin blocker?

    1. African American PSC ∼60% Median age for listing for liver transplantation ∼40 years 5:4 None

      Is there a variant only found in AA?