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  1. Sep 2019
    1. The following video provides a general overview of the Fair Work Commission’s anti-bullying jurisdiction including key definitions, how the Commission may deal with an application and what an order to stop bullying is.
  2. May 2018
    1. plementation, inner loops would become hot first, andthe VM would start tracing there. When the inner loop exits, theVM would detect that a different branch was taken. The VM wouldtry to record a branch trace, and find that the trace reaches not theinner loop header, but the outer loop header. At this point, the VMcould continue tracing until it reaches the inner loop header again,thus tracing the outer loop inside a trace tree for the inner loop.But this requires tracing a copy of the outer loop for every side exitand type combination in the inner loop. In essence, this is a formof unintended tail duplication, which can easily overflow the codecache. Alternatively, the VM could simply stop tracing, and give upon ever tracing outer loops.We solve the nested loop problem by recordingnested tracetrees. Our system traces the inner loop exactly as the na ̈ıve version.The system stops extending the inner tree when it reaches an outerloop, but then it starts a new trace at the outer loop header. Whenthe outer loop reaches the inner loop hea


    1. a visual representation of the trust boundary between theinherently untrusted execution context of the annotated page, and the trusted exe

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  3. Mar 2018