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  1. Nov 2021
    1. The goal of fast fashion is the optimization of the supply chain. Globaliza-tion in particular has provided the low-cost labour and international markets neces-sary for the creation of a global assembly line, which allows for cheaper and faster production of clothing.

      Ledezma introduces an economic perspective into the growth of fast fashion. This is important as the reason behind company's decisions regarding fast fashion are based on economic opportunity. Ledezma specifically states that globalization has facilitated the production of fast fashion since companies can produce clothes in third world countries where they are able to pay low wages. This allows clothing to be sold for a lower price, while generating a large profit. This idea ties into the idea of variable cost, and opportunity cost in economics. The rhetor's idea is to appeal to the audience's logos since she is highlighting the economic approach to fast fashion, rather than relying on emotions to appeal to her audience. This is effective since this claim can be further backed up by statistics and other forms of data.

    2. Globalization has played a huge role in the fashion industry; in fact, the rapid change in this industry is arguably among the most significant effects of globalization. As a result of globalization, the fashion industry has opened up to a variety of new styles, influences, and methods of production

      Here, the author is making a clear claim - globalization and the fast fashion industry go hand in hand. Ledezma initiates this by introducing the idea of fast fashion and globalization through the realization of readily available fashion trends all across American malls. This is effective in making this connection clear for any audience members that are oblivious to the effects globalization has had on the fashion industry. By starting the article this way, Ledezma is able to quickly educate the reader on the topic she will be discussing. It might be eye opening for some readers that globalization has caused a negative shift on the fashion industry.