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  1. Sep 2019
    1. hyperterroir”

      The authors use the term "Hyperterroir" to refer to the combined ecological and cultural aspects of an area of land. The value of indigenous Israeli and Palestinian wines is not solely derived from the environmental conditions in which they are grown. Their value also comes from the cultural and political narratives that surround the grapes and winemaking.

    2. People ask me what’s the purpose of the research. I tellthem that the goal was almost ideological. The goal wasto create an identity for the Israeli wine industry, whichis now struggling and debating and not knowing exactlywhatitis.[...]Ourscriptures are filled with wine andgrapes. We have a very ancient identity, and for me it isvery important to restore this identity. It is a matter ofnational pride.

      In this quote Drori states the importance of indigenous wines to creating an identity for the Israeli wine industry that draws from the country's ancient history. This quote works as evidence in favour of the argument that the goal of colonial projects is to claim indigeneity. The ancient ties Israeli's have to the land is an important aspect of Zionism. Recreating ancient wines asserts Israel's claim to the land they occupy.