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  1. Apr 2019
    1. Charlotte began to feel that she must check herself

      This form of self awareness in Charlotte is not common in Jane Austen characters ,such as Catherine or Fanny. Self-awareness is a characteristic that these characters have to develop. This poses a question to what qualities Charlotte has to develop throughout the novel. Development of character is a commonly discussed theme in Austen novels. Potentially, Charlotte's self-awareness of her qualities that make her a heroine could be her character development.

    2. The shops were deserted.

      The emptiness of Sanditon is quite contrary to past resort towns, such as Bath in Northanger Abbey. When both are compared the emptiness of Sanditon is emphasized, creating a new hollow isolated setting.

    3. library subscription book

      Circulating libraries are repeatedly mentioned throughout Jane Austen novels as her books themselves can be picked up from them. Furthermore, many of past Jane Austen characters are bookworms such as Catherine in Northanger Abbey and so is Charlotte in Sanditon.

    4. have butcher's meat raised

      Sanditon is one of the only Jane Austen novels that go into details into the making of money, and more importantly the daily finances of families of the regency era. It is interesting that a female character expresses such an understanding to the working of the economy.

    5. library

      The library is not a common place to hang out in other Austen novels. For example, people dance in pump houses in Bath . This emphasizes the small size of Sanditon as a space and its population. It also pushes that it is quiet town.

  2. Feb 2019
    1. Vain thought! the dweller in that still retreat

      a shift from talking about what he wants into talking about the dweller.

    2. At such a season and with such a charge

      moving into a story