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  1. Sep 2018
    1. In fact, researchers conducting a recent longitudinal study of adolescents found that greater use of mobile phones at baseline was associated with higher levels of depression 1 year later.19

      I thought this was interesting as I too feel like too much gaming or activity on mobile devices inside could lead to depression. I think this because you may not be doing enough social and physical activity and spending all your time staring at a mobile device or tv screen can sometimes lead to feeling alone and getting out of physical shape and becoming depressed.

    1. American youth spend more time with media than any other waking activity: an average of 7.5 hours per day, every day. On average, 29% of that time is spent juggling multiple media streams simultaneously (ie, media multitasking).

      I think its crazy that people spend more time on social media then in other activity. It scares me that people take that much time out of their day and probably most of that time spent on social media is not educative. As long as kids are using these for educative purposes then I think it can be of good use

      cofcedu #screentime

  2. Aug 2018
    1. In a 2007 talk at EDUCAUSE, I made the case that the infrastructure was moving to the cloud where students could, and would, take care of their own services, relying on standards to interoperate with the institutions they’d serially associate with during their careers and lives.


    1. Student privacy has become one of the hottest issues in education, with some 170 bills proposed so far this year that would regulate it.

      wow.Thats alot of bills. very interesting