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  1. Oct 2020
    1. narratology,
    2. narra-tive itself is a deep structure quite independent of its medium.

      The breakdown of these two parts is really important because the narrative itself is written with great detail, but sometimes the medium for it is not as greatly detailed and it sometimes does not turn out as good at the narrative.

    3. Une Partie de campagne.

      Un Partie de campagne also means A Day in the country.


    4. Jean Renoir,
    5. discourse-time

      In a lot of the movies I have seen, the discourse-time order is very interesting to me. It is interesting to see what happens in the end, in the beginning and vice-versa. Some people might see it as giving away the story first, but I think you're able to connect with the character more than you would in a realistic-time.

    6. Charles S. Peirce