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  1. Feb 2019
    1. educational mythology presents an unrealistic picture of theefficacy of schooling.

      (helps me distill the argument in this piece)

    2. Real-life educationalsituations usually contain some mixture of school and on-the-job styles of teaching and learning.

      My own annotation for this statement is "backsies". I do wish this point were a third section of this piece -- that is, the ways that these two learning situations can converge. I can imagine, for example, a vocational school that experiences a mixture of characteristics between the two essentialized types.

    3. Being part of such a batch naturally constrains the student tobehave, as best he can, as though he were prototypical; it is theeasiest way to fit into the collective activity he is part of

      Again, so connected to the root of critical and culturally responsive pedagogies that often begin with a critique of Euro-centric schooling (and heteronormative, patriarchical, Judeo-Christian- centered schooling).

    4. The student, we say, must master certain &dquo;basic&dquo; conceptionsbefore he can understand the more complicated structureserected on that base; otherwise he will flounder unnecessarilyand never really understand the little he learns.

      Some of these concepts of school are disrupted in something like critical pedagogy perspectives where teaching is no longer a one-direction activity. I'm also thinking with this particular statement that it throws out so many school practices that are rooted in research on learning. E.g., scaffolding and ZPD. On the other hand, I could imagine with the at work examples below, that we could still make a case for a contextualized ZPD.