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  1. Nov 2016
    1. p=0.02)

      It's good practice to report p values exactly. So a p value of 0.46 would be reported as p = .46, not p < .05. An exception is for p values less than 0.001, which can always be reported as p < .001.

    2. Have you explained how you decided what sample size you needed?

    3. Table 1

      Have you included a short legend for this table?

    4. bstract

      Have you included a 'Conclusions' subsection in your abstract?

    5. Have you included a section called "Declarations"?

    6. Conflicts of Interests

      You have included a conflicts of interests section

    7. : t(27) = 1.98, p<0.05)

      Have you justified using a 1 tailed t-test? This p-value is not consistent with a 2-tailed t-test.

    8. Have you used the TRIPOD reporting guideline? If so, you should say so in your methods.

    9. Irino, T; Tada, R (2009): Chemical and mineral compositions of sediments from ODP Site 127‐797. Geological Institute, University of Tokyo. http://dx.doi.org/10.1594/PANGAEA.726855

      You have cited a dataset

    10. Have you used the SRQR reporting guideline? If so, you should say so in your methods.

    11. References

      Your references aren't numbered

    12. Have you included your trial registration ID? Generally this is compulsory for clinical trials, and it should go at the end of your abstract. You should also include the registry name and date of registration. If your trial was registered retrospectively you should state that too.

    13. Acknowledgements and funding

      You have included an acknowledgements section