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  1. Nov 2019
    1. hurt human interac-tion

      how would genres hurt human interaction?

    2. enres develop, then, because they respond appropriately to situations that writers encounter repeatedly

      genres are built on situation

    3. aware of my own struggles

      pathos and logos in one

      pathos - relatable logos - he has struggled as much as we do understanding these concepts

    4. friendly

      is the author's writing a new genre itself?

    5. Hence the value of teaching genre awareness rather than acquisition of particular genres

      so being able to recognise different genres is stressed more than the knowledge Of all genres

  2. Oct 2019
    1. The identity of a storyteller gives credibility

      is this why people tend to tell a personal story before giving advice? there have been countless times where i'll be in a weird space, and when i seek advice about X, they'll tell me about Y before laying the actual piece of advice on me.

    2. enhanced by choices they made through which they became “organizers’

      so does this mean that identity is the centre of story telling? i ask, because what i'm interpreting is that identity is shaped by agency and enhanced by motive.

    3. a panoply of religious, labor, political and Mexican-American leaders, they did not include Governor Brown.

      EMPLOTTED results : schenley: success, brown : failure

    4. a farm worker who had carried a 2x4 wooden cross draped in black cloth 300 miles from Delano to Sacramento, stayed up most of the night redraping it in white and decorating it with flowers

      hermosa <3

    5. Hurried negotiations produced recognition of the farm workers union, substantial immediate improvements in wages and working conditions


      EMPLOTTED goal reached (3) : schenley negotiated and listened to workers

    6. ours should be a pilgrimage, a "peregrinacion,"

      EMPLOTTED new pathway (3) : pilgrimage to sacramento while seeking support throughout passing towns

    7. put the heat on Governor Brown to intervene and get negotiations started

      EMPLOTTED new goal (3) : put pressure on govenor brown

    8. devote three days to figuring how to move

      EMPLOTTED innovative action : three-day meeting

    9. boycott

      withdrawing from relations as protests

    10. no results

      EMPLOTTED unexpected trouble (3) : no results

    11. strike into a movemen

      EMPLOTTED new goal (2) : to start a movement

    12. test support among Mexican workers by mobilizing strike vote

      EMPLOTTED innovative action (2) : test support

    13. orced to decide whether to join

      EMPLOTTED unexpected trouble (2) : support rival or nah?

    14. insisting on a commitment to nonviolence, a novelty in the farm worker world. He also asked for a commitment to pursue the strike to win union recognition, not only a wage increase

      EMPLOTTED new pathway (2) : nonviolence, novelty and recognition

    15. grape strike

      labor strike against grape growers

    16. .

      AGENCY : the avenging anger of heaven, IDENTITY : poor vs. rich, servants vs. masters, MOTIVE : sake of humanity and divinity

    17. focus on the relationship between story and strategy in social movements

      focus: story + strategy in social movements

    18. the avenging anger of heaven

      ooh, das poetic. i like dat.

    19. destitute

      lacking something needed

    20. indigent

      suffering from extreme poverty

    21. preamble

      introductory statement

    22. reconvened

      to come together again

    23. Asociación de Trabajadores Campesinos

      the mob

    24. calling for better conditions.

      EMPLOTTED new goal (1) : better conditions for farmers

    25. nto a vision of a new organization

      EMPLOTTED new pathway (1) : new organisation

    26. a new sense of agency as they came to think of themselves as “organizers.”

      IDENTITY : organisers

    27. y a “happy few” of some 12 people who had come together during the 1950s, led by Cesar Chavez.

      AGENCY : mob tings

    28. conditions they hoped to change

      MOTIVE : changing living conditions

    29. but had done little to improve the lot of the farm workers, the community from which most had come.

      EMPLOTTED unexpected trouble (1): nothing done for farmers

    30. do it themselves

      EMPLOTTED innovative action (1) : do it themselves

    31. we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother

      AGENCY : call to fight battle IDENTITIES : brother or cheap MOTIVATE : brother to king henry

    32. reenacting who we have been and forging the persons we become. As an interaction among speakers and listeners

      identity : listener—hears story that shapes the way they think , teller—tells stories that showcase the way they think

    33. actors proceeding in legitimate ways toward valued goals who meet unexpected trouble, to which they must respond with innovative action leading to resolution along a new pathway, toward a new goal, or go down to defeat, from which a “moral” is drawn

      oooh. i get the story telling and history thing now.

    34. “emplotted”

      assembly of a series of historical events into a narrative w a plot

    35. constructs agency

      constructs an organisation like unification? call to action?

    36. inherent

      essential character

    37. Passover

      emancipation of the israelites from egypt by moses

    38. SNCC

      student nonviolent coordinating committee

    39. The outcome of the promise, however, depends on its efficacy

      outcome of promise depends on how convincing it is

    40. Crispin Crispian
      • oct 25
      • saint, legendary roman christian martyr with his brother crispian
  3. Sep 2019
    1. dodeterminetovaryingextentswhatgetsabsorbedintotheirownandwhatitgetsusedfor

      oh that's cool. yeah, i get that. is this sort of how pigeon works—when the plantation workers selected and invented hawaii creole english from the english spoken by the white landowners?

    2. transculturationtodescribeprocesseswherebymembersofsubordinatedormarginalgroupsselectandinventfrommaterialstransmittedbyadominantormetropolitanculture

      materials? what does that mean, thought?

    3. contactzones.Iusethistermtorefertosocialspaceswhereculturesmeet,clash,andgrapplewitheachother,oftenincontextsofhighlyasymmetricalrelationsofpower,suchascolonialism,slavery,ortheiraftermathsastheyarelivedoutinmanypartsoftheworldtoday

      key term

      contact zones: the space in which different cultures come together, most often when dealing w asymmetrical relations of power

    4. schoolingitselfgavehimnothingremotelyasmeaningfultodo,

      so she's arguing that even after providing the tools to open doors, education hasn't provided any opportunities to engage in anything meaningful? idk if that's fair, cos it's not necessarily the school's job to do that. with the tools, isn't sam supposed to create that kind of opportunity on his own?

    5. tryingtodecipher

      he's trying to make sense of baseball cards by applying what he already knows