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  1. Jun 2016
    1. The american dream. How misleading it must have been for immigrants and individuals who moved their families into the city in hopes of gaining a more affluent future for them and their families. Cramped and packed, everyone had to deal with unbearable conditions as they dealt with tenement homes and projects that left a lot to be desired. Working in miserable factories, not to take in consideration child labor laws or even regular labor laws. There was a multitude of concerns and a need for change to be done here in this era. Here is a link providing even more photos and insight to what was being dealt with at the time.


    1. Captains of Industry or Robber Barons. The choice is yours to decide. The first image shows the American people entrance to the senate was closed while the monopolist not only were allowed to enter but overlooked the senate. The second photo shows how the two headed monster monopoly had immigrants, farmers, banks and pretty much any organization in its industry become crashed and manipulated under the chief robber barons of that time. "IN THE 50 years between the end of the American civil war in 1865 and the outbreak of the first world war in 1914, a group of entrepreneurs spearheaded America’s transformation from an agricultural into an industrial society, built gigantic business empires and amassed huge fortunes. In 1848 John J. Astor, a merchant trader, was America’s richest man with $20m (now $545m). By the time the United States entered the first world war, John D. Rockefeller had become its first billionaire."(econ) This was the reason the Sherman AntiTrust Act was put into place. To regulate business and ensure that no one has too much power


    1. Two images of the same message. America is the way, the truth and the how. The first image shows how nurturing the United States can be, giving the people who are defenseless and feeble creatures a new take on life and feeding them some well deserve knowledge and information while their former way of living will lead to death. Quite arrogant of America to have this way of thinking but it was completely normal in this setting and time period. To the right is America being stern showing that we can offer a more sophisticated way to be. As you see what is presumed to be the european students learning, you see the african, native american and asian counterparts all in lesser positions in relation to their current living arrangements. Two extreme interpretations and only time can tell what is best for those individuals. The way that the world has evolved, it is hard to argue if that it was best for those countries to conform but as America has grown and become political aware, we are one of the better countries for anyone to be apart of.

    1. There are so many narratives that could have happened here. The obvious story is that there is this savage attacking a defenseless woman and child until a strong and powerful spaniard came to the rescue. On one hand, this is right and just and must happen to keep the savages at bay. But there are two sides to every story. Here could be a man driven from his home by the spanish. He could have watched his family murdered before his eyes and is out for vengeance. Without first hand account for this, who knows what the guidelines could be.