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  1. Nov 2023
    1. Despite the challenges and barriers black women in senior leadership roles face, studies have shown that they devise mechanisms to overcome the challenges associated to gender and racial discrimination (Cain, 2015; Hill, 2013; Morgan, 2018).
    2. The role of white women in leadership has evolved in contrast to black women, who are underrepresented in these positions.
    3. Drawing on data from the USA, Cain’s (2015) study found that 5.3% of executive leaders in U.S corporations were African American woman in comparison to white women who make up 16%.

      Cain 2015

      Cain, L. (2015) Barriers encountered by African American women executives, Walden University, Minnesota

    4. The research will be based on an analysis of existing literature and data gathered from audiorecorded semi-structured interviews.Semi-structured interviews will be face-to-face or via skype.All interviews will take place between December and February 2020.The interviews will be transcribed and coded for emergent themes
    5. The application of organisational dynamics will illuminate some of the anxieties, which may occur when a subject – black woman leader, interacts with her white male, female and black male colleagues.This framework will examine the inner and external world of individuals, who within an organisational setting are part of the relational dynamics which are influenced by the psychic and social meanings of differences of race and gender
    6. Notwithstanding, studies have shown that a large proportion of black women aspire to be leaders, but encounter barriers and challenges during their journey, which are quite different from those experienced by white women and black men.
    7. The conceptual framework for this study incorporated intersectionality theory and organisational psychodynamic theory, to explore the experiences of 10 black women senior managers working in the Ministry of Justice.
    8. Black women generally work in predominantly white patriarchal organisations, with very distinctive cultures, traditions and practices that inadvertently perpetuates gender and racial discrimination

      organizational culture

    9. The gender pay gap data has shown a significant increase in the number of white women in senior roles across sectors.