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  1. Apr 2019
    1. Article - All views

      • Where are ORCID icons?
      • Crossmark button too large and taking up too much vertical space. Make smaller and place either flush left in line with publication date, or next to DOI
      • Need a link to "Review History"
      • Graphical abstract should appear ABOVE abstract
      • where do author footnotes appear?
      • Can we see a sample of an article that has a related Correction?
    2. Journal Nav Headers

      • We'd like the other journal visible in individual journal header. Can we do something similar to what we have now?
      • Collections can go under "Articles"
    3. Search

      • Consolidate space by placing Published date and DOI on same line
      • Remove "Abstract" and "PDF" links.
    4. Split View - Figs and Tables

      • This should be default view
      • Graphical abstract should appear with a heading.
      • Need for supp figures to appear here
        • Where is "View Metrics" link? [under "Related" tab. This tab should be renamed]
    5. Issues - TOC page

      • Add teaser abstract
      • Remove "Abstract" and "PDF" links
      • Can we add a "Search this issues" box? This would be a quick search that is limited only to the issue being viewed.
      • Place "Cover (PDF)", "Cover Caption", and "Masthead (PDF)" below cover image
    6. Journal Home Page

      • Text is still too large. Reduce line spacing on short abstract
      • Need first and last author names as well as article type and pub date displayed for each article.
      • Cover still too large. Make Volume/issue info same size as cover date
      • Submit research button too plain?
      • Reviews and opinions section: add short abstract, first...last authors
      • Move twitter above most read
      • Still too much emphasis on special collection at bottom of page.
      • Add self serve section at bottom for Related Articles from Rockefeller University Press as seen on current JEM home page http://www.jem.org
      • remove journal-specific highlight color
      • lose drop shadow on cover image
    7. Journal Nav Footers

      • Footer is weird with the journal footer in white on to of the umbrella footer.
      • text is too large in umbrella footer
      • Need email and RSS icons under connect - and these need to be journal specific.
      • too much emtpy space in the footers. Journal and umbrella should be combined.
  2. Mar 2019
    1. Split View - Content tab

      • Can this become the Info tab?
      • Can Current Issue appear here?