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  1. Feb 2020
    1. Existing techniques for probing bacteria’s electrochemical activity involve growing large batches of cells and measuring the activity of EET proteins — a meticulous, time-consuming process. Other techniques require rupturing a cell in order to purify and probe the proteins.

      eet proteins

  2. Nov 2019
  3. research-doc.credit-suisse.com research-doc.credit-suisse.com
    1. With discounted cash flow models, the value is sensitive to the inputs. But the assumptions underlying the inputs are explicit. You can compare them to base rates, discuss them, and debate them. With multiples, those assumptions are buried. The assigned multiple becomes a point of persuasion rather than a thoughtful case based on the economic drivers of value.

      DCF vs multiples

  4. Sep 2019
  5. Apr 2019
    1. India Not seen a major player

    2. Global AI Talent Report 2019

      India not to be seen in this. Women participation increasing.

    1. StopTB document from 2011 (dated but curious to know what was the thinking a decade ago & hw much of it remains today)

    1. using OBS to record screencasts and Shotcut to edit them. Both are totally free, open source and cross-platform. I'll email you some more stuff.

      Free tools for screencast

  6. Nov 2018